Click on the links below to read about how we've defended our clients in recent cases:

Sex Offenses

Case example: Our client faced 300-369 months in prison on a felony sex charge. We got the charge dismissed with misdemeanor probation.

Violent Crimes

Case example: Our client faced 12 months in prison for having a concealed weapon (no permit) in his car on federal property. We got the case dismissed with no prison time.

Theft Crimes

Case example: Our client faced 120-160 months in prison on forgery charges. She was accused of forging thousands of dollars in stolen checks. We got the case dismissed.

DWI Defense

Case example: Our client faced a year in jail after an alcohol-related car accident and evidence of extremely high blood alcohol content. We got the sentence reduced to supervised probation after showing to the court our client's dedication to sobriety.

Drug Charges

Case example: Our client faced decades in prison on five counts of trafficking in oxycodone (selling prescription drugs). We got the charges reduced to sale, rather than trafficking, and the client got two years of felony probation instead of prison time.

Disclaimer: The listed cases are illustrative of the types of cases handled and do not represent the entire record of cases handled by the firm. The outcome of a particular case is based upon a variety of factors and cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's or law firm's past results. The penalties listed for each case are the maximum amount of time the client was facing, based upon the structured sentencing guidelines and taking into consideration each client's criminal record at that time. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.