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North Carolina school bus driver accused of DWI

A school bus driver in Cherokee County has been accused of driving while intoxicated with children on the board. In response to the allegations, the 63-year-old bus driver was terminated by the school system as of Monday.

Only several miles away from the destination where he was going to drop off seven of his passengers, the school bus driver crashed the vehicle into a ditch. The driver was backing the vehicle up when it went into the ditch. After the accident, the bus driver contacted school officials by radio to request assistance. School officials called state troopers to report to the scene, which is standard procedure in any situation where a school bus is involved in a crash.

Arrested man dressed as clown allegedly had hatchet in backpack

A North Carolina man has been accused of drug violations and other charges after he was found on the property of a convenience store with his face covered in clown makeup. Authorities say that they also found a hatchet in his book bag.

The arrest happened at approximately 5:45 p.m., last Sunday after the Union County Sheriff's Office received a call from an Indian Trail convenience store. The caller informed officers that a suspicious individual was on its premises. When authorities arrived at the convenience store, however, the individual was nowhere to be found.

Options for those charged with drug crimes

Drug crimes are not just something that happens in the heart of big cities or sprawling suburbs, even small rural communities can have robust drug trades, bringing dangerous elements to country towns just as they exist in their big-city counterparts. The widespread use of heroin, in particular, has become something of an epidemic for North Carolina, which suffered just shy of 900 heroin overdose deaths from 2010 to 2015

The response to drug crimes, especially in smaller towns, is far too often an over-reaction of incarceration for those who are convicted. Fortunately, some law enforcement throughout the state are beginning to delve into approaches other than ordering jail time, in the hope of reducing incarceration levels and give those charged with low-level drug crimes the chance and the tools to turn things around.

The USDA is Cracking Down on Grocery and Convenience Stores for Food Stamp Trafficking

You never thought you'd come face to face with agents of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. When you think of federal agents, the FBI comes to mind, or the DEA.

Certainly not the USDA, right?

Do you own a grocery or convenience store?

But if you own a grocery store, convenience store, or similar type of specialty store - and food stamp transactions are a source of business - the USDA is exactly the agency you could face.

grocery store checkout.jpg

North Carolina date rape charges

North Carolina residents who are approached by police officers that accuse them of committing date rape may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately. An attorney will be able to provide wise counsel as to the best criminal defense strategies to employ given the facts surrounding a particular case.

When it comes to any kind of rape allegations, North Carolina police are sometimes eager to believe the one-sided stories of the alleged victims. However, date rape allegations usually rely on he-said-she-said arguments, which may not have enough factual evidence for them to hold water in court.

20 people accused of drug crimes in Macon County

Approximately 20 suspects were arrested in Macon County after police carried out drug raids in the area earlier this month. Multiple law enforcement agencies from Jackson, Franklin and Macon counties -- and officers from federal and state agencies -- were involved in the operation titled "Thunderstruck." The raids were carried out in the early morning on Sept. 8.

Police used tips from local residents to assist undercover officers in purchasing opiates, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs in order to secure the arrest warrants. Police say that the response from local residents was tremendously helpful in making the arrests and ensuring the safety of the officers involved. Officials hope that the arrests will help to make local streets safer. At this time, police are still searching for five additional suspects.

Defending North Carolina residents against Internet sex crimes

In some respects, there is no worse crime to be accused of than a sex crime. This is not only because of the severe consequences and punishments associated with conviction. It's because those accused of sex crimes -- even if they are never even convicted and get their charges dropped or dismissed -- will face harsh criticism from their communities, families and co-workers, and this criticism may never entirely go away.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, we offer all of our criminal defense clients the benefit of absolute privacy, and a judgment-free zone in which to tell us the full story of their legal case and the facts surrounding it. We also know that arresting officers and prosecutors make mistakes just like everyone else does. The courts know that too. As such, no court ever convicts an accused person case of a crime until -- and only if -- that person is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

No Such Thing as 'Closure' In the Jacob Wetterling Case

kids on bikes.jpg

People keep saying, "Well, at least the Wetterlings have closure..." now that Danny Heinrich has confessed.

But there's no such thing as "closure" in a case like this - a case that went unsolved for roughly 27 years, and kept Jacob's parents in the dark on what happened to their son all that time, not knowing for certain whether he was dead or alive.

On Sept. 6, 2016, in a federal courtroom in Minneapolis, Heinrich confessed to abducting, molesting, and killing 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling, nearly three decades ago, on Oct. 22, 1989.

22-year-old man could face 70 years in prison for DUI

Wake County authorities say that a 22-year-old man who allegedly caused the death of three people in a drunk driving accident could be sentenced to over 70 years in prison. This could be his fate if he is convicted of the drunk driving and felony allegations being brought against him in criminal court -- if he remains in the country and isn't deported back to his native Mexico.

The charges being brought against the man include DWI, three counts of aggravated felony-level death via vehicle and three counts of aggravated felony-level serious injury by vehicle. Three individuals -- a 22-year-old, 21-year-old and 18-year-old -- were killed in the accident, and three individuals were seriously injured.

President grants clemency to record number of federal inmates

President Obama is in his last year as president and has decided to commute the prison sentences of a massive number of federal inmates. In fact, he has set a record in the number of clemency grants he has ordered -- 673 in total -- which is more than the last 10 presidents granted combined. In the month of August alone, Obama granted clemency to 325 inmates, 111 of which were granted in one day. Most of the inmates who received clemency had been given federal prison sentences for minor drug offenses, and 39 of them had lifetime sentences for low-level, non-violent drug crimes.

Of the many inmates who received clemency was a man who received his conviction in 1994, after authorities convicted him of selling LSD. He also had two prior selling and possession offenses on his record. Court records indicate that he sold LSD to a police informant during a cross-country trip following the Grateful Dead music band. His crime was not violent in any way, and he had never gone to prison before; however, because it was his third offense, he received a lifetime federal prison sentence. He went to prison at the age of 25 and now, 22 years later, he has been scheduled for release in 2018.

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