Expungement of a Conviction Involving Prostitution

N.C.G.S. § 15A-145.6

If you received a conviction involving prostitution, you may be eligible for an expungement.

How you qualify:

  • Convicted of a prostitution offense.
  • No prior convictions for any violent misdemeanor or violent felony.
  • You satisfy ONE of the following:
    • Your participation in the prostitution offense was a result of being a trafficking victim;
    • You have no prior convictions for a prostitution offense and at least 3 years have passed since the date of conviction or completion of sentence, whichever is later; or
    • You received a conditional discharge pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 14-204(b).
  • No subsequent misdemeanor or felony convictions, other than traffic violations.
  • No outstanding warrants or pending criminal cases.
  • No outstanding restitution orders.

Your case may be over, but the criminal charge or conviction may still be on your permanent record. The expungement process is complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, the attorneys at Roberts Law Group are here to take that burden off of your shoulders. Roberts Law Group offers affordable prices for all of your expungement needs. For more information and to find out if you qualify for an expungement today, please contact Roberts Law Group for a free consultation.

North Carolina vs. M.W.
Charge: Charge: Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon (4 Counts), First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon
Facing: 12 - 17 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

An incarcerated defendant accused our client of participating in the robbery of a group of youth at a party. We were able to raise doubt as to the credibility of this individual. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed these charges, citing a lack of evidence.