Raleigh Federal Drug Crimes

Federal criminal charges mean one thing. "It" has hit the fan.

Like all federal crimes, federal drug charges come with serious consequences, which can include crushing fines and a lengthy prison sentence upon conviction. This is in addition to the collateral consequences of having a felony conviction on your record, something that will limit the opportunities available to you for the rest of your life.

The action you take now can literally affect the rest of your life, for better or worse. Hiring the right criminal defense firm - a firm with a proven ability to succeed in federal court - can make all the difference when it comes to limiting your exposure to the harsh criminal penalties prescribed by federal statutes and sentencing guidelines.

Where To Find The Best Defense In Raleigh For Federal Drug Charges

Federal criminal charges are a whole different ballgame than most state court proceedings, and require the help of an attorney familiar with the legal issues and processes at hand. There is no substitute for experience.

For the criminal defense representation you need in order to protect yourself and your loved ones, look no further than the skilled defense attorneys of Roberts Law Group, PLLC.

The founder of Roberts Law Group, Attorney Patrick Roberts, is a former assistant district attorney who worked almost exclusively in the prosecution of felony drug charges for part of his tenure as a prosecutor. Since founding the firm, Patrick Roberts has put this experience to use defending those accused of state and federal crimes and has built a firm dedicated to one thing: effective criminal defense. Kevin Marcilliat, a partner at the firm, has spent nearly the entirety of his career solely defending criminal cases, including federal drug prosecutions. You can put this valuable perspective on your side and have the peace of mind that comes with having an attorney prepare you for what to expect throughout the federal criminal defense process.

What Are The Differences Between State And Federal Drug Crimes?

Generally, federal drug cases come with more significant sentences. Federal drug charges often involve larger quantities of drugs than state court prosecutions, resulting in charges that can trigger mandatory minimum prison sentences upon conviction.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, we have successfully defended people charged with conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and other federal drug crimes in federal courts including the Eastern, Western and Middle Districts of North Carolina. This includes defending people against charges of possession of a firearm in connection with a federal drug crime (commonly referred to as a "924(c)" charge)-this is a charge that, upon conviction, usually results in an additional mandatory 5 year sentence on top of the sentence for the underlying drug crime.

Some federal drug crimes come with mandatory minimum sentences if you are convicted in federal court, depending on the type and quantity of substance involved. There are certain "threshold" amounts of narcotics that trigger the applicability of these mandatory minimum sentences. Even if the Government has strong evidence that an individual possessed narcotics with intent to distribute, raising doubt as to the amount actually involved can be critical to a defense because such doubt can prevent applicability of these mandatory minimum sentences.

The attorneys at Roberts Law Group's understanding of the prosecution's case against you, combined with their rigorous advocacy and attention to detail, can help improve your chances of avoiding the harsh consequences of a federal drug conviction for crimes involving marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates and other illegal substances.

Penalties Structure For Federal Drug Crime Convictions

Federal mandatory minimum sentences were popular at the time they were implemented. There was a perception that gang members, dope pushers and other "dregs of society" were getting off too easily as a result of "touchy feely" judges. The response was mandatory minimum sentences and a "war on drugs." Unfortunately, having mandatory minimum sentences removes a judge's discretion, resulting in some penalties that are harsher than the underlying facts of a case warrant.

At Roberts Law Group we know the issues that come up in drug cases. Common issues are unreliable informants and challenges to illegally obtained evidence. Our attorneys will pursue all possible options for protecting you against the long prison sentences that can come with a federal drug crimes conviction. We know from experience that bad things can and do happen to good people, and that otherwise good people can find themselves facing mandatory minimum sentences as a result of one bad decision. Our goal is that the rest of your life is not defined by your current circumstances.

Comprehensive Legal Services For Federal Drug Crimes In Raleigh

You can afford nothing less than a proven Raleigh criminal defense attorney when your rights, your freedom, your reputation and your future are on the line. You need a defense attorney with extensive experience in federal courts and a strong advocate who understands what the stakes are for you. In Raleigh that means turning to the proven criminal defense attorneys of Roberts Law Group.

Give us every opportunity to mount an aggressive defense for you or your loved one as soon as possible. We will review your situation with you, cover your options, and begin working on a strong and effective defense for you. Call 877-880-5753 today for your case evaluation.

North Carolina vs. M.W.
Charge: Charge: Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon (4 Counts), First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon
Facing: 12 - 17 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

An incarcerated defendant accused our client of participating in the robbery of a group of youth at a party. We were able to raise doubt as to the credibility of this individual. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed these charges, citing a lack of evidence.