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Raleigh, North Carolina, Shoplifting and Larceny Lawyer (NCGS § 14-72.1)

In difficult economic times, there are tough choices to be made. We understand that sometimes people make poor choices during challenging times. We also understand that sometimes making the right choice for you and your family may have included breaking the law. That is why we work to understand your situation when you come to the Roberts Law Group, PLLC, after a shoplifting or larceny charge.

When you make a wrong choice to steal so you can get by, we want to help. Our staff is compassionate and caring. From the first call you make to our criminal defense law firm, you don't have to worry about judgment. We have handled hundreds of shoplifting and larceny cases, and we are prepared to put our experience to work for your shoplifting or theft defense. Contact Roberts Law Group, PLLC, to speak to an experienced Raleigh, North Carolina, attorney.

Former District Attorney Will Be on Your Side

The embarrassment of a shoplifting charge is bad enough. On top of that embarrassment, a shoplifting charge can harm your future. Even a misdemeanor charge of shoplifting or theft may be accessible to schools, employers, banks and licensing boards. Because petty theft is considered a morally wrong crime, your charge could lead to repercussions long into your future.

The founding attorney of our North Carolina law firm, Patrick Roberts, is a former prosecutor. He knows what it takes to prepare a strong defense. Together, we will aggressively advocate for you in negotiations with the prosecutor or in court, because we understand the consequences that you are facing. We don't want one mistake to ruin your future. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers and, with one call, we can be on your side.

Wake County Shoplifting and Theft Defense Lawyer

With years of experience, we have seen cases of shoplifting and theft that are committed because of psychological disorders, alcohol impairment or drug addiction. Not all shoplifting and theft charges result from financial need. When your disorder leads you to commit a theft crime, call our Raleigh criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. We want to investigate the incident and quickly collect evidence, including surveillance, after you are accused of shoplifting or larceny.

There are options besides jail or prison time that are effective in shoplifting cases. We may defend against your shoplifting charge by suggesting alternative treatment for psychological disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, kleptomania or substance abuse. We are looking for the best possible outcome for you based on the circumstances of your case.

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When your future is on the line, you need experience, and you want results. Roberts Law Group, PLLC, offers both. For a shoplifting or larceny defense lawyer, with demonstrated success defending against misdemeanor charges in North Carolina, you want the Roberts Law Group, PLLC. Contact our law firm today or call 877-880-5753 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your North Carolina criminal charges.

North Carolina vs. M.W.
Charge: Charge: Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon (4 Counts), First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon
Facing: 12 - 17 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

An incarcerated defendant accused our client of participating in the robbery of a group of youth at a party. We were able to raise doubt as to the credibility of this individual. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed these charges, citing a lack of evidence.