DWI or Traffic Ticket on Fort Bragg?

If you received a DWI or traffic ticket on Fort Bragg, you are actually charged, and often required to appear, in federal court.

Just like with a State-issued charge or citation, if you are convicted of a traffic or impaired driving offense occurring on Fort Bragg, you could lose your license, be placed on probation or sentenced to jail, and receive driver's license and insurance points. Common consequences for even simple traffic citations like speeding are increased insurance points and premiums for 3 years, and even revocation or suspension of your driving privileges.

Why hire a lawyer?

Often, hiring an attorney can eliminate some of the burdens and risks associated with receiving a traffic ticket or DWI on federal property like Fort Bragg.

If an attorney is retained, the attorney is usually able to appear on your behalf for common, non-DWI traffic matters, avoiding the need for you to personally appear in court. (Personal appearance in court for those charged on Fort Bragg is now even a bigger issue, as traffic tickets on Fort Bragg are currently being handled in the federal courthouse located in Raleigh, NC.) Although, if you are charged with a federal DWI, your appearance will likely be mandatory regardless if you have an attorney or not.

In the case of non-DWI traffic tickets occurring on federal property, an attorney is often able to get the traffic ticket reduced or dismissed upon the client's competition of a defensive driving course. Reduction or dismissal can be critical to avoiding increased insurance premiums and even saving your license.

Even when the charge is DWI, an experienced attorney can assist you with restoring your driving privileges as soon as possible and determining the best strategy for mitigating the other negative consequences of receiving this charge. Just like with DWIs charged by the State of North Carolina, DWIs charged by federal authorities can be won if the Government cannot prove that the stop and arrest of the accused driver was valid, or cannot prove that the alleged suspect was driving and impaired beyond a reasonable doubt.

When it comes to Fort Bragg traffic matters, we handle:

*Driving While Impaired (DWI)

*Speeding (any speed)

*Failure to Stop at Red-Light/Stop Sign

*Driving Wrong Way on One-Way

*Failure to Maintain Lane Control

*Unsafe Lane Change

*Reckless Driving

*Following Too Closely

If you were charged with any of the above moving violations on Fort Bragg, call the attorneys at Roberts Law Group at 877-880-5753.

North Carolina vs. M.W.
Charge: Charge: Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon (4 Counts), First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with A Dangerous Weapon
Facing: 12 - 17 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

An incarcerated defendant accused our client of participating in the robbery of a group of youth at a party. We were able to raise doubt as to the credibility of this individual. In the end, the prosecutor dismissed these charges, citing a lack of evidence.