Limited Driving Privileges

Are You Eligible for Limited Driving Privileges?

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A suspended license can be a significant inconvenience. If your license was suspended or revoked as a result of a DWI/DUI conviction or breath test refusal, you may be eligible for limited driving privileges.

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When you are arrested for drunk driving or for refusing the breathalyzer, your driver's license will be automatically suspended for 30 days, a process known as "civil revocation." 10 days after the arrest, you may become eligible for limited driving privileges for the remaining 20 days of the revocation period. In addition, the court may also grant first time offenders post-conviction limited driving privileges of up to 1 year (the length of the mandatory license suspension).

In order to be eligible for any limited driving privileges, you must have:

Any limited driving privileges granted will have specific provisions regarding both time and purpose. For example, you will only be allowed to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments and other express locations during certain hours.

Note: People charged with multiple DWIs or habitual DWI are not eligible for limited driving privileges. In addition, if you are subsequently convicted for drunk driving after the temporary license is issued, the temporary license will be revoked.

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North Carolina v. J.O.
Charge: DWI
Facing: 1 year in jail
Result: Case Dismissed

Our client lost her trial in District Court and received a 45 day jail sentence. She hired Roberts Law Group to help her with her Superior Court efforts. We argued a motion to dismiss based on an unconstitutional driver's license checkpoint and prevailed. Any evidence that flowed from the stop of her vehicle was ordered suppressed by the Judge. Case dismissed. Our client blew .13 on the EC-IR II breath device.

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