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Criminal charges in federal court mean facing an entirely different criminal justice system. Your attorney will need to understand the various rules relating to grand jury indictments, evidence discovery and deadlines for filing legal motions. Not every criminal defense law firm is equipped to handle federal charges. Even when a criminal defense law firm says it is qualified, talk to them about experience. In federal court, it makes a difference, from the beginning of your case to the end.

If you have been charged in federal court, contact us to discuss the nature of your case. We will give you a clear explanation of the federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and what to expect. If you hire us to defend you, we will work aggressively to help you protect your rights.

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Whenever possible, we fight to have your felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor and returned to the state criminal justice system.

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Roberts Law Group, PLLC has the professional resources to handle complex cases of drug crimes and sex offenses in North Carolina's federal courts. As a former prosecutor, attorney Patrick Roberts has been involved in hundreds of felony cases, including federal charges.

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U.S. vs. J.R.
Charge: Mail Fraud (9 Counts), Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud
Facing: Three years in prison
Result: One year, One day

Our client was convicted of nine counts of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The government alleged that our client fraudulently obtained more than $115,000 from her former employer. At the sentencing hearing, the Judge granted our motion for a downward departure, sentencing our client to one year and one day. The government had asked the judge to sentence our client to several years.