Grandparents' Rights

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go — unless Mom decides that Grandma doesn't deserve to see the kids. Doesn't have a very nice ring to it does it?

Sadly, this is far too common a situation for many North Carolina grandparents who are kept away from their grandchildren. At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, in Raleigh, we believe strongly in the importance of grandparents and do everything in our power to ensure they play a crucial role in the lives of North Carolina's children.

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What Rights Do Grandparents Have In North Carolina?

The rights of grandparents are limited in North Carolina. Family courts can order visitation between a child and their grandparents. Grandparents are also able to petition the courts for visitation or custody during a custody case. Unfortunately, grandparents often don't realize this and fail to take this initiative during the case, leaving their access subject to the whims of parents who they may be at odds with in the future.

Barring possession of a crystal ball that prompts you to pursue visitation during a time you're not worried about losing access, what can you do as a grandparent? If your grandchild's family has been fractured by abandonment, death, or incarceration, or otherwise fails to meet the legal definition of "intact", you can use that status to pursue visitation or custody rights. However, this only applies to extreme circumstances where two parents are unfit, incarcerated, or dead, or otherwise leave children without a parent.

Choose Your Lawyer Wisely To Give Yourself The Best Chance

The bottom line is that it's difficult for grandparents to protect their relationship with their grandchild, but it's not impossible. The attorneys of Roberts Law Group, PLLC, can help you explore your options. Contact us today to request a consultation.