Be Smart Like Danielle Feller

Attorney Danielle Feller

In 2017, our scholarship experience was truly a win-win: Attorney Danielle Feller (pictured at right) not only won a scholarship, but came to work as a defense attorney with us at Roberts Law Group.

This year we offered four of them - four scholarships at $1,000 each. And we broadened the scope, too. The scholarships will go to aspiring lawyers who are pursuing (1) their undergraduate work or (2) their law degree. In other words, both undergraduate and law students may apply.

Why? As before, our goal is to invest in the next generation of lawyers.

All scholarship payments will be made directly to the educational institution's financial aid office in the name of the scholarship winners.


Scholarship Appliations have been collected and are now going through a selection process to determine the winning recipients.  Winners will be notified by email by the end of July.