Sex Offenses

When the Police Come Calling, Call A Raleigh, North Carolina, Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of committing a sex offense? You may already be aware that the sentence and punishment for a conviction go beyond just the criminal penalties. You are also facing the stigma of possible lifetime registration as a sex offender.

If you are facing charges, they won't go away on their own. You need aggressive, skilled legal defense. Contact the Raleigh law office of Roberts Law Group, PLLC, online today or call 877-880-5753 to arrange a free consultation. We know there are at least two sides to every story, particularly when it comes to the emotionally-charged accusations of sexual assault, inappropriate sexual contact or Internet sex crimes involving children. We want to hear your side.

Have The Police Come Asking Questions About A Consensual Sex Act?

If the police start investigating you for a sex crime, your head may start spinning about what to do next: Call a lawyer, now. If the police are asking questions, chances are you are a suspect in a sex crime or have been specifically accused of a sex offense. Do NOT say a word to the investigators. You are under no obligation to answer their questions. Call our Raleigh law office to speak with a sex crimes defense lawyer; we will explain the court process and what your rights are. Then we go to work for you, aggressively protecting your future.

Whenever possible, we will focus on getting your charges dismissed for lack of evidence. If that strategy isn't available, we will work closely with the prosecutor to reduce felony charges to a misdemeanor. Our goal will always be to keep a conviction off your record and your name off the sex offender registry. Call our Raleigh law office today if you are facing accusations of any of the following sex offenses:

We've put together a general information page on what constitutes a sex offense in North Carolina as well.

Defense & Advocacy in Title IX On Campus Sexual Misconduct Cases

We also have many pages of information about Title IX, including the student disciplinary process when you've been accused of sexual misconduct.

When You're Facing A Sex Crime Accusation, Experience Counts

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our team of defense attorneys aggressively fight for the rights and the futures of our clients. We:

The consequences of a sex offense conviction may include time in jail or prison, fines and fees, satellite monitoring and a period of years on the sex offender registry. For more information about the realities of sex offender registration, please see our frequently asked questions.

We Fight for Your Rights, Contact Us Now

Our founding attorney, Patrick Roberts, has extensive trial experience involving felony and misdemeanor sex offenses in both state and federal courts throughout the North Carolina. Our team of defense lawyers have served in various roles in District Attorneys' offices across the state. We know how prosecutors assemble cases against alleged sex offenders and we know that many people are falsely accused of sex offenses.

Contact our Raleigh law office today to schedule a free consultation with a sex crimes defense lawyer at Roberts Law Group. If you're being investigated, if you have been accused or if you have been arrested, you need a skilled defense lawyer on your side, right now.

A Review of Roberts Law Group, PLLC
With Jesus Christ being the head of our lives and attorney Patrick Roberts expertise in the law the impossible was made possible. In 2016 our 23 year old son was a soldier in the U.S Army stationed in North Carolina. He meet a young lady and they began to have a sexual relationship. Upon taking her home one evening he was approached by a police officer who stated that she was under age. He was asked to come to the police station and give a statement . During the interview with the police officers he admitted to having a sexual relationship with the young lady. He was later charged with statutory rape in 2 separate counties along with other charges. While searching online for an attorney we came across The Roberts Law Group. We drove 9 hours from Alabama to Raleigh N.C to meet with Attorney Patrick Roberts . Being from the south my husband and I were a little intimidated at first but after meeting attorney Roberts and his staff they made us feel very comfortable. Attorney Roberts and his staff were very professional. Every time our son had a court appearance my husband and I were notified several weeks in advance. When there were questions or concerns about the case attorney Roberts always notified us personally. During the entire year of 2016 our emotions were all over the place . It seemed like the DA had all of the evidence needed to convict our son. Our son was facing a lot of years in prison. But with our faith in God it finally turned around. Attorney Roberts negotiated a 24 month suspended sentence on all of the charges in the first County. In March 2017 attorney Roberts negotiated a 24 month suspended sentence on of all the charges in the second County . After serving 12 months of probation our son will soon have his life back. He has a felony on his record but he does not have to register as a sex offender. We are very grateful to The Roberts Law Group for there professionalism. We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Date published: 03/11/2017
Rating: 5 / 5 stars