Your defense against sex trafficking allegations.

Patrick Roberts, Esq. (NCGS § 14-43)

If federal agents arrested and charged you with this offense, you are facing a serious sex crime — months at the very least, in many cases. If the allegations are very serious and involve multiple or related offenses, you could face decades or life.


In sex trafficking, the alleged victim is generally said to have been either coerced or deceived or both. Coercion can include:

  • Harm, threats, blackmail and/or physical restraint
  • Destroying an immigration passport or other official ID document
  • Giving drugs/controlled substances to the victim


Deception can mean:

  • Making up or confirming the victim's belief in a false story or fact
  • Purposefully keeping the victim in debt to another
  • Making false promises to the victim

Unlawful Sale, Surrender, or Purchase of a Minor

This charge casts a wide net.

The prosecutor may try to prove that you were in some way connected to the buying or selling of a minor (for cash or otherwise), even if the prosecutor cannot prove you were directly involved with sex trafficking.

If you have been charged with sex trafficking, do not delay in consulting a lawyer. At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our goal - in every case - is to achieve the best possible result, whether avoidance, acquittal, reduction or dismissal. Call 866-630-2389 or use our online form today.

North Carolina vs. O.S.
Charge: First Degree Forcible Rape and First Degree Kidnapping
Facing: 26 - 33 years in prison
Result: Dismissed

Case involved allegations of forcible rape at gun point. We were able to gather evidence to attack the accuser's credibility and discredit her story. The prosecution dismissed the charges.

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