Solicitation of a Minor

North Carolina Internet Sex Crimes Defense (NCGS § 14-202.3)

If you have been charged with solicitation of a minor or indecent liberties with a child in Hickory or elsewhere in the state of North Carolina, your future is too important to trust to an inexperienced criminal defense attorney.

At the Roberts Law Group, PLLC, we provide experienced representation to individuals throughout the state of North Carolina who have been arrested on charges of solicitation of a minor and other sex crimes. Attorney Patrick Roberts spent a number of years as a prosecutor, and has prosecuted and defended clients on a wide range of sex crimes charges. This experience allows us to anticipate and defend clients against the tactics that prosecutors will use in these cases. Contact our firm online to schedule a free consultation today.

State vs. J.P. - Our client was accused of downloading numerous images of child pornography from the Internet. This was a high-profile case that drew significant media attention. Result: We were able to negotiate a probationary judgment with only weekend jail time. Read more about our Proven Results in Difficult Cases.

Solicitation of a Minor Defense in North Carolina

The Roberts Law Group provides criminal defense for sex crimes that include:

  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Internet sex crimes, including child pornography
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Aggravated sexual assault

North Carolina state statute § 14-202.3 and federal statute § 2251 provide important information regarding charges of solicitation of a minor. Our firm can help you understand these statutes, how they apply to your case and what you are facing after an arrest.

If you have reason to believe that you are being investigated for a sex crime, or you have already been charged with a crime, contact our firm as soon as possible and talk with us about your rights. Put our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to work for you.

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The last 9 months of my husband and I's lives have been some of the most challenging that we have ever experienced. A simple accident turned into some of the scariest times in our lives. Never in a million years would we have imagined that this incident could have resulted in my husband being accused of a serious crime. Neither of us have ever had any legal trouble. We were scared to death when we found Roberts Law Group online and hired Mr. Roberts. This may have been the best decision that we have ever made. He was upfront and transparent throughout the whole ordeal. He knows his way around a courtroom and extrudes confidence and proved that he has the skills to back it up. His reputation proceeds him. We were waiting for our turn for trial in a conference room at the back of the courtroom with the door cracked. As two attorneys were walking by, we overheard their conversation. One asked the other ìWho is up next?î The other responded ìPatrick.î, ( Mr. Roberts first name) The other attorney then responded ìOh...He's good!î I can not recommend Mr. Roberts more highly and he is worth every penny! My husband was found not guilty and all charges will be ex-sponged. If you are looking for the best of the best in criminal defense attorneys, look no further! You are in the right place!

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