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Have You Been Accused Of A State Or Federal Fraud Crime?

Fraud, embezzlement and white collar crimes often involve complex financial details and require a solid understanding of how to clearly present evidence to a jury. Many criminal defense attorneys don't fully grasp how complicated federal and state white collar crimes can become, only to leave their clients out on a limb when it comes to fighting for their rights.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, in Raleigh, our fraud defense lawyers know the numbers. We have experience in the federal criminal justice system and are experienced advocates for anyone facing North Carolina state or federal fraud charges. Call 877-880-5753 today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Raleigh law office.

A Former Prosecutor At Your Defense Table

Our founding attorney, Patrick Roberts, was an Assistant District Attorney in three North Carolina counties before devoting his legal career to defending the accused. He has handled a significant number of felony and misdemeanor white-collar offenses involving theft by fraud, embezzlement and computer crimes. When you are facing the worst possible time in your life, it makes sense to have our experience and energy on your side.

We provide aggressive defense representation for white collar crime and fraud charges such as:

Whether you have been charged with a crime by a North Carolina prosecutor or by a federal prosecutor or agency, our firm can help. We defend individuals facing fraud charges throughout North Carolina.

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When experience counts, don't take chances. In a financial fraud case, not only is your future on the line, but any assets that you have acquired as a result of the alleged fraud that are intended to take care of your family are on the line.  Contact our offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, to schedule a free consultation. If you have not yet been charged with financial fraud and are only under investigation, talk to us now. If you received a target letter from the U.S. Attorney's office alerting you to Grand Jury proceedings, contact us now.

View Our White Paper - The Numbers Count - Fraud and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

A Review of Roberts Law Group, PLLC
Patrick Roberts represented me during a very difficult time in my life, in which I was charged with a Federal Class D felony. From the first time my wife and I met Patrick we felt confident that we had found the best lawyer to represent me. I was very scared, as this was my first experience being charged with a federal offense. Patrick is a very brilliant and confident lawyer. All of his office staff are compent , friendly, and very organized. Sabina is a very resourceful paralegal ,and is always available for any questions or concerns,via phone, or e-mail. The communication with the office staff was excellent. The entire office staff go out of their way to treat you with respect, and ensure that you have the best experience possible during a very stressful time. Patrick was always honest with my wife and I, and from the first day we hired him, we felt that he immediately started working on my defense. He takes the time to explain in detail what to expect with the court process, and what he expects the outcome to be. Also, Ben ( lawyer) was great and very patience with me. If you find that you or someone you love, are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, trust me and my wife ,when we tell you that Patrick Roberts is the very best! Patrick was the first lawyer that I spoke to regarding a target letter I received, and I know now that there couldn't have been a better lawyer to have handled my case. My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to Patrick, and to all of his staff in the Raliegh office. Thank you for getting us through the most stressful time of our lives!!

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Date published: 06/21/2016
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