Why Hire Us For DWI Defense?

Until the U.S. becomes a zero-tolerance country - meaning no alcohol whatsoever when driving - people will always be at risk of a DWI arrest, even after just a glass or two of wine. Over-criminalization of drinking and driving is as much a problem as dangerous driving itself.

There is no doubt that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs puts other people at risk. But so does driving with too little sleep, texting, speeding, and so on. This doesn't excuse drunk driving, but the focus should be on those drivers who truly pose a danger to others on the road.

For example, DUI checkpoints are legal in North Carolina. At these checkpoints, the police check drivers for evidence of impaired driving. Note that these drivers may not have been weaving, speeding, or doing anything else that might signal to an officer on patrol that the driver is a threat to others. DUI checkpoints are as likely to catch a first-time DUI - who may barely be over the .08 limit for blood alcohol content - as they are a repeat offender with a history of drunk-driving crashes.

It makes no difference to law enforcement.

Whether you truly were a danger on the road or not, a DWI arrest will set in motion a long and difficult battle with the justice system, such as automatic driver's license suspension, which starts even before you've had your court date.

What are you looking for in a DWI defense lawyer?

Let us help you with this battle.

At Roberts Law Group, we've handled more than 4,300 cases in 10+ years, having represented clients across North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast.

Many of these cases have involved driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as our DUI results page shows - and in these case examples, you will see how we've been of service to our clients, whether avoidance, acquittal, reduction in charges, or dismissal.

We put our clients first in everything we do.

Many of our DWI clients are facing a half a year in jail or longer, as well as fines and a criminal record. They also face administrative driver's license suspension, which affects their ability to get to work or school. Our goal is to minimize all of the possible consequences that stem from DWI charges.

To take just one example, our client faced 60 days in jail and a year of license suspension after running a stop sign in Wake Forest and being pulled over. He blew .08 on the Intox EC/IR-II breathalyzer device, but after using dash-cam video of the officer's field sobriety tests to argue insufficient evidence of impairment (evidence needed to corroborate or confirm the .08 result), the judge found our client not guilty.

In other words, our client was innocent. He may have been drinking, but he didn't pose a danger to others on the road.

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The blood alcohol limit of .08 is an arbitrary number. It doesn't necessarily equate to impairment. But even drivers accused of being two or three times over the limit enjoy the same constitutional rights. DUI checkpoints and forced blood testing are other misguided attempts to fight impaired driving that don't quite hit the mark. Arguably, over-criminalization of DWI does more harm than good. Either become a zero-tolerance country or don't, but let's not trample on our constitutional rights in the meantime.

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