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Just as drugs have the potential to destroy lives, so do penalties for federal drug crime convictions. Your best chance at dropped charges or a negotiated sentence is with an experienced federal crimes attorney. Lawyers with experience know the ins-and-outs of drug-related cases and how best to prepare an effective defense. Roberts Law Group, PLLC, has years of success defending clients up against severe drug crime charges. If there is an opportunity to protect your future, we will find it.

A Thorough Approach For Your Case

Drug crimes classified as federal crimes have a higher chance of harsher sentencing due to federal mandates. Such crimes include drug trafficking, manufacturing, regular drug distribution crimes and possession with the intent to sell.

Our founding attorney, Patrick Roberts, is a former New Hanover, Wake and Johnston County felony drug prosecutor. He understands what the other side will bring to their approach. What's more, the finer details in these situations can make a big difference in sentencing. Having defended clients in an array of criminal defense cases, we know what it takes to thoroughly investigate and hunt for the game-changing evidence.

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