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Will Brexit affect individual Americans?

Brexit has been in the headlines for three years - most Americans know the word and, to some degree, what it's about. What they don't think about is how it might affect their own life here at home. While it's technically an international matter concerning the European Union, anything involving politics and the economy is going to have effects that reach beyond borders - even across the Atlantic.

Brexit USA UK street sign

Can politics threaten the neutrality of the Supreme Court?

Some people embrace a spirited political debate and others cover their ears and run for the hills when the "p-word" comes up. Two things that are certain are that most people aren't neutral about the subject and that politics cannot be completely ignored.

American flag mural with tear in middle

How dating apps turn well-meaning young men into sex offenders

The internet has long changed the game for romantic dating -- not to mention casual hookups. Since the explosive rise of Tinder in 2012, dating apps have become a permanent fixture in our social landscape. Popular apps come and go, but the concept of finding love (and satisfying lust) online is here to stay.


Mass shootings and presidential rhetoric: Has Trump fanned the flames of hatred?

After a pair of mass shootings left 31 people dead last weekend, the usual questions are back in the spotlight: How could this happen? How can people with such violent proclivities get their hands on such powerful weapons?

And, this time around, a new question is surfacing with even greater urgency: Has Trump's nationalist rhetoric fueled the fire?


Federal Jurisdictions, Jeffrey Epstein, And Two Presidents

As we've said before, "if you're charged with a crime and a jury finds you not guilty, the prosecution doesn't get another shot".

The bombshell that pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with federal crimes in New York despite already having been adjudicated in Florida more than a decade ago has given rise to questions from news consumers who wonder if this is an example of double jeopardy. The answer? No. Read on for our explanation.


Supreme Court upholds double-jeopardy exception: What it means for Trump associates

The double jeopardy clause is one of the foundations of our criminal justice system. The Fifth Amendment guarantees that you can't be prosecuted twice for the same offense. If you're charged with a crime and a jury finds you not guilty, the prosecution doesn't get another shot. Without this protection, the prosecution could simply keep coming after you, and your right to a fair trial would be rendered worthless.


Federal judge orders swift action to improve conditions among migrant children at border

After dozens of reports came to light about appalling conditions at the southern border, a federal judge in Los Angeles has ordered the government to do something about it.


The reports paint an appalling picture. Thousands of migrant children - including infants, pregnant young women and nursing mothers - detained in squalid conditions at the southern border, denied basic sanitation, adequate nutrition and access to proper medical care. The conditions have been compared to "torture facilities" and concentration camps, described by one human-rights expert as a "mass atrocity."

Changes may finally be afoot, however. 

Supreme Court: Prosecution's pattern of race-based jury selection is unconstitutional

In a case that spans decades, a black Mississippi man was convicted four times for the 1996 murders of four furniture store employees - three white, one black. Four times, he was sentenced to death.

The problem?

In all four trials - and two others that ended in mistrials - the prosecution struck nearly all black jurors from the jury pool, resulting in heavily white juries. The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision on the sixth trial and conviction, reversing it on the grounds that the prosecution's jury selection tactics were racially motivated and therefore unconstitutional.


Will New York be the first state to legalize prostitution?

Now that legalized marijuana is slowly but surely marching toward nationwide acceptance, the next potential subject for decriminalization is even more controversial: prostitution.

New York lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would legalize the sex trade across the state. It's the most sweeping attempt to date at legitimizing the sex trade, according to the New York Times. And, predictably, it has ignited heated debate from both sides.


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