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3 tips for avoiding a drunken drive home

People don't usually plan to drive while intoxicated, but things change once they start drinking. They may have a false sense of self, believing, with confidence, that they can drive even though they've been drinking. They could forget that they asked for a ride home and opt to drive themselves. In many cases, people end up behind the wheel who would never choose to drive drunk if making the decision while sober.

There are some good ways to avoid drinking and driving, though, even if you're someone who doesn't make the best decisions when intoxicated. Here are three options to keep you off the roads.

How much alcohol is too much to drive?

Drunk driving is something seen on the roads almost every day throughout the country. People may make the mistake of thinking that they're sober enough to drive and get behind the wheel. When they do so, they're putting their lives, and the lives of others, in danger.

It's easy for people to make the mistake of getting behind the wheel, because alcohol lowers inhibitions. When sober, they may never plan to drive when this intoxicated, but the alcohol literally changes their perception and increases their confidence in their ability to drive.

Drug bust leads to the arrest of 23 people before Christmas

When the police perform a raid on a suspected drug operation, there is always a chance that people who are not even involved in trafficking could be arrested. Individuals are often caught up in something that's far bigger than they may have realized based on their small part in an operation. Addicts can also end up arrested and charged with serious crimes, even if they were merely selling a few drugs on the side to support their habit.

Take for example a case reported on Dec. 22. After an investigation, 23 people were arrested on 40 drug charges in the area near North Carolina's state line. The investigation into the operation had started in an effort to identify where drugs such as oxycodone, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and others in the area were coming from.

Is reforming the justice system the right choice?

North Carolina police officers may need to arrest people, but is jail or prison always the right path for offenders? It's not always, some believe. This is borne out by the statistics, which show that certain changes made in justice reform can significantly reduce prison populations and still improve public safety.

North Carolina's state legislators passed the Justice Reinvestment Act in 2011. This modernized many of the correctional practices and sentencing laws that had been used by the state in the past. By 2016, it was shown that crime rates had dropped by 10 percent in response to the simple changes. On top of that, the prison population had dropped around 10 percent, too. What's even more impressive is that those sent back to prison because of probation violations decreased by 65 percent.

The rundown on rapper Tekashi69 (and why he might spend the rest of his life behind bars)

There's a saying: "He who rises high, falls far." And for rapper Tekashi69, the fall looks to be very far indeed.

At only 22 years old, Daniel Hernandez (a.k.a. "Tekashi69" or "6ix9ine") had a brutal childhood followed by an explosive rise to fame - and repeated troubles with the law. His first brush with the criminal justice system as an adult came in 2015, when the then-19-year-old pled guilty to a sex offense involving a 13-year-old. He was placed on probation as part of the plea deal.


1 dies from overdose, dealer faces over 10 years in prison

If you're accused of drug crimes, then you know it takes a strong defense to help you get through the case with the least amount of damage to your reputation and freedom. Sometimes, you can show your humanity in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, especially if your situation involves a death.

Take, for example, the story of a dealer who took the time to warn a buyer that the drugs being sold were much stronger than normal. The Dec. 6 report stated that the buyer purchased heroin from a dealer. His mother, who discovered him dead in her home, also found a message sent to his Facebook account. The dealer stated that she was supposed to cut the heroin with another substance, but she didn't. She warned him that she thought it contained fentanyl.

Will NFL player Kareem Hunt face charges for assault caught on video?

One of the NFL's best running backs, Kareem Hunt, came under fire when TMZ released security camera footage of an assault. The video shows Hunt repeatedly shoving a woman, at one point to the floor, and kicking her. The Kansas City Chiefs released Hunt soon after the footage came out on November 30th, but the actual incident took place last February.


Hacking: Varied penalties are hard to predict

Hacking into a computer may be a federal crime, depending on how it's done and why. Hacking is often seen as a malicious action, but the reality is that it can be beneficial, too. A good hacker can use their talents to show companies where their security systems are malfunctioning or weak, for example.

Hacking doesn't require a lot of know-how. In reality, even logging into another person's accounts online is considered to be hacking. Keep in mind that any digital device has the potential to be hacked, whether that's good or bad.

Don't make a holiday mistake: Avoid a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is dangerous and opens up the possibility of a world of legal trouble if you get caught, so do yourself -- and others -- a favor this holiday season and commit to a plan that will keep you out of danger.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind as you decide how to navigate all of that holiday-cheer-in-a-glass that's out at every party or family gathering this time of year:

Attorney Frank Jones wins Superior Court judge seat for New Hanover County

Wilmington, NC - We would like to extend our congratulations to attorney Frank Jones for his recent victory in the November election. Jones won the contested Superior Court judge seat in New Hanover County. 

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