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Do you need an appellate attorney for your criminal trial?

Imagine you lost your drug crimes trial and now you're awaiting sentencing. That's bad enough, but to make matters worse, you're innocent. You know that you didn't do the crime they've convicted you of, and you know that your criminal proceedings were completely unfair. What are your options?

You may want to look into the possibility of filing an appeal. For this, you'll need an appellate attorney. Your current defense attorney might already have the requisite skills required to pursue an appeal in your case, or you might need to call in an attorney with more experience. In many cases, your current defense attorney will work in conjunction an appellate attorney to seek the best possible result in your appeal.

Schedule I Drugs: What drugs have the severest punishments?

The federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) has established five primary classifications of drugs from Schedule I to Schedule V. Since the federal government considers the drugs in Schedule I to be the most dangerous class of drugs, these substances come with the severest punishments.

Everyone should familiarize him or herself with the various drug classifications to ensure that he or she stays away from these substances. However, there are so many drugs in the category of Schedule I -- most of which are listed by their complicated chemical names -- that it's easy to get confused. In order to keep this list as simple as possible by focusing on the most commonly found Schedule I drugs, here are the most popular drugs categorized as Schedule I under the federal system:

Rapper Cardi B faces misdemeanor charges, potential prison after strip-club fight

Cardi B, the "Bodack Yellow" rapper known for her aggressive, in-your-face style, is apparently aggressive in her personal life, too. She turned herself in to the NYPD on Monday for charges stemming from a violent altercation at a Queens strip club last August.

Cardi allegedly started the fight because she suspected that one of the club's employees had slept with her husband, rapper Offset (who's also the father of their three-month-old baby). The details surrounding the incident aren't totally clear. But, according to a police spokesperson, it culminated in chairs being thrown around - as well as bottles and hookahs.

Kayne shocks SNL audience by launching into political rant off-air

Kayne West is no stranger to controversy. Yet his last memorable blowup on national television - stealing the mic from a wide-eyed Taylor Swift during the VMA Awards - was back in 2015. So was his storm-the-stage moment with Beck at the Grammys. In other words, he's been long overdue for another.

black man holding a microphone with white tape over his mouth

Could the president's tweets be building his own case for impeachment?

The Trump presidency will go down in history for many reasons. Among them: He's the first president to use Twitter in such a prolific - and provocative - manner. The president continues to shock and surprise with his unfiltered utterances.

Twitter icon tweeting offensive shocking content with exclamation point

Stirring up social media has long been central to his persona. Twitter is the president's mouthpiece of choice for personal affronts, puffery and presidential insults. And it's also his method of choice for continually putting his foot into his mouth.

A far cry from FDR's popular "fireside chats," Trump's reliance on Twitter is more than just a PR nightmare. It may very well be what sinks him in the end.

Airline pilots and drunk driving convictions: What happens?

It's not easy to become a commercial airline pilot. You need to log countless hours in the air and pass numerous tests before gaining the requisite experience to land a commercial airline pilot job. All this hard work, however, could be lost in an instant if you are convicted of a drunk driving offense.

Following a DUI arrest, airline pilots need to discuss the matter with their employers and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While the DUI case proceeds in court, the pilot could be temporarily grounded. If the arrest ends in a conviction, most airlines will terminate the pilot. Even if the employer doesn't terminate the pilot, however, the FAA may deny the pilot their aviation medical certificate. This means the pilot would no longer be able to fly.

Bill Cosby's sentence for sexual assault: Too lenient? Or too heavy-handed?

His lighthearted, family-friendly image long gone, comedian Bill Cosby is serving a prison sentence of three to ten years at a state correctional institute in Pennsylvania. The sentence came down months after Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a young woman. With good behavior, he'll likely serve only three years.

Bill Cosby in 1969, Bill Cosby mugshot in 2018

The sentence comes at the height of the #MeToo movement. Faced with similar accusations by 59 other women, the frail, blind, 81-year-old Cosby hasn't garnered much sympathy in the public eye. And that's understandable, given the allegations. They paint a disturbing picture of a double life. On the one hand: the comedian, actor and family favorite we all knew and loved. On the other: a serial rapist who allegedly drugged and assaulted dozens of women over the course of decades.

Should Kavanaugh nomination go forward in light of serious allegations?

It's one of the biggest marks a president can leave on the judiciary: a Supreme Court nomination. And Trump has a narrow window of time to get his pick - federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh - confirmed. The Supreme Court term begins October 1st, and the looming midterm elections threaten to disrupt the GOP's dominance in the Senate.


Source: The White House [Public Domain]

What should I do if the police pull me over?

If you're a North Carolina motorist, at some point in time, you'll probably get pulled over a by a police officer. This can be a nerve-wracking experience because police can appear intimidating, and they have the capacity to arrest you or give you a costly traffic ticket, so it's understandable if you're nervous. Nevertheless, it's important that you keep your wits about you during the traffic stop and adhere to the following advice:

As soon as you see the officer's flashing lights, find a safe place to pull off to the side of the road. Don't make sudden movements with your car. Use your turn signal to indicate that you are going to slow down and stop once there's an opening to do so.

North Carolina sheriff's candidate charged with marijuana crimes

A sheriff's candidate and his son have been arrested and accused of committing drug crimes in Caldwell County. The 63-year-old man and his 30-year-old son were brought into custody by the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office after an investigation into their activities that lasted a month.

The arrests were the result of an undercover operation conducted by both the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office and the State Bureau of Investigations. Allegedly, covert law enforcement agents purchased illegal marijuana from the man and his son.

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