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We FIGHT for the Best Results
We FIGHT for the Best Results

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Should prison inmates be released to stem the tide of COVID?

Few places are more vulnerable to pandemics than prisons. With hundreds of inmates jammed into cramped quarters, they're breeding grounds for infectious disease. And given that the coronavirus can spread through coughing, sneezing or - research suggests - even talking or breathing, it's only a matter of time before COVID-19 sweeps through inmate populations like wildfire.


Binge-worthy docuseries explores dark side of drug crime labs


Stuck at home, millions of Americans are turning to streaming services as their new nightlife. It's good timing for true crime and docudrama fans. Netflix has a new docuseries exploring a critical vulnerability in the justice system: crime lab technicians "breaking bad."

Premiering April 1st, "How to Fix a Drug Scandal" follows a Massachusetts crime lab chemist who became addicted to the drugs she handled on the job. Sonja Farak started pilfering street drugs from the crime lab in 2004. Her addiction quickly escalated. She was constantly high, taking hits a dozen times a day - including in the crime lab restroom. She even used the lab equipment to cook crack.

"False Confessions" podcast sheds light on wrongful convictions

Interrogation is a cornerstone of law enforcement. And for good reason. Many a conviction has rested on contradictions or slip-ups in the defendant's story. A skilled interrogation can produce the gold standard of incriminating evidence: a confession. In the minds of the public - jury included - a confession amounts to incontrovertible proof of guilt. After all, it came from the defendant's own mouth.


Few people can grasp, much less relate to, the phenomenon of false confessions. Most regard it with the same skepticism as they would UFOs or unicorns. What could possibly cause suspects to lie about a heinous crime, taking responsibility for something they didn't do, when the consequence might be decades in prison?

Roundup: Top 11 "Florida man" encounters with the law

Spend any amount of time on the internet, and you're bound to come across the infamous "Florida man." He's usually drunk or high (or both). He makes clickbait headlines around the world with his laughable missteps and bizarre behavior. And he is, inevitably, in Florida.


Here are 11 of his recent noteworthy encounters with the law.

When a family member is accused of sex crimes

Let's face it, there are a lot of bad things out there. When people talk about the worst of the worst, it often references sex crimes. There's another level of stigma about them - and for good reason: victims of these crimes have faced unspeakable trauma. That said, an allegation is never proof.


Act one in the Weinstein trial

Harvey Weinstein is known for big Hollywood productions, but it's a full-on circus around his New York criminal trial regarding sexual abuse. It's been a steady stream of accusations against the Miramax co-founder in recent years, and the new year kicks off with jury selection and a trial concerning two separate incidents in 2006 and 2013 in New York state.


A CEO, a stowaway and an international fugitive

It turns out life is like the movies - at least a little bit. But movies focus on the drama and action and skip the consequences and court cases. Carlos Ghosn is in the news this week. Before now, you likely only knew his name if you follow corporate executives. Even before his current fiasco, he was a newsworthy figure as a former CEO at Nissan. But everything changed when he was arrested in late 2018. In 2020, the story went from interesting to wild, when he fled Japan in a heist movie plot that involved trains, planes and hiding inside a box with airholes.


Addiction rates are higher in North Carolina

Addiction is a serious problem at home and across the United States. At different times in recent history, different drugs have been rampant. In recent years, opioids are negatively affecting many North Carolinians and their families.


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