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1 dies from overdose, dealer faces over 10 years in prison

If you're accused of drug crimes, then you know it takes a strong defense to help you get through the case with the least amount of damage to your reputation and freedom. Sometimes, you can show your humanity in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, especially if your situation involves a death.

Take, for example, the story of a dealer who took the time to warn a buyer that the drugs being sold were much stronger than normal. The Dec. 6 report stated that the buyer purchased heroin from a dealer. His mother, who discovered him dead in her home, also found a message sent to his Facebook account. The dealer stated that she was supposed to cut the heroin with another substance, but she didn't. She warned him that she thought it contained fentanyl.

Will NFL player Kareem Hunt face charges for assault caught on video?

One of the NFL's best running backs, Kareem Hunt, came under fire when TMZ released security camera footage of an assault. The video shows Hunt repeatedly shoving a woman, at one point to the floor, and kicking her. The Kansas City Chiefs released Hunt soon after the footage came out on November 30th, but the actual incident took place last February.


Hacking: Varied penalties are hard to predict

Hacking into a computer may be a federal crime, depending on how it's done and why. Hacking is often seen as a malicious action, but the reality is that it can be beneficial, too. A good hacker can use their talents to show companies where their security systems are malfunctioning or weak, for example.

Hacking doesn't require a lot of know-how. In reality, even logging into another person's accounts online is considered to be hacking. Keep in mind that any digital device has the potential to be hacked, whether that's good or bad.

Don't make a holiday mistake: Avoid a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is dangerous and opens up the possibility of a world of legal trouble if you get caught, so do yourself -- and others -- a favor this holiday season and commit to a plan that will keep you out of danger.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind as you decide how to navigate all of that holiday-cheer-in-a-glass that's out at every party or family gathering this time of year:

Attorney Frank Jones wins Superior Court judge seat for New Hanover County

Wilmington, NC - We would like to extend our congratulations to attorney Frank Jones for his recent victory in the November election. Jones won the contested Superior Court judge seat in New Hanover County. 

The drunk driving checkpoint and what to expect

Drunk driving is a serious crime that occurs in Raleigh, North Carolina and all over the country. No matter how much people try to avoid it, they might wind up being pulled over by a police officer for suspicion of drunk driving. Many drunk driving arrests occur at drunk driving checkpoints, also known as DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints are utilized throughout the year but are most common around any major holiday.

When the officer initiates the traffic stop he or she will ask you to roll down your window and a conversation will ensue. The officer will be monitoring your speech, looking at your eyes, smelling the air of the vehicle and looking for open containers of alcohol all while talking with you about various things.

Types of internet sex crimes

The internet can be one of the most helpful technologies out there today. It can also invite you to take part in some unsavory activities. Sex crimes became more prevalent with the advent of the internet, and they continue to increase in occurrence today. Let's take a look at the various types of internet sex crimes in today's post.

Sexting is one of the most popular internet/technology crimes these days. Sexting most often happens using a mobile phone and text messages but it could also include sending sexually charged messages through instant messenger apps or social media accounts. This becomes a crime when it is done with a minor.

Ex-Panther Rae Carruth released after 18 years in prison for conspiring to murder pregnant girlfriend

The former wide receiver's brief NFL career has long been overshadowed by the dark chapter that unfolded in Charlotte in November 1999. Rae Carruth's girlfriend, Cherica Adams (who, by his account, had only been a booty call) was 30 weeks pregnant with his baby. Carruth had asked her to get an abortion. She refused.

That night, he took Cherica out to a movie. On the way home, having driven separately, Carruth asked Cherica to follow him. He pulled off to the side of the road, she behind him, as another vehicle drove up and shot five times into her car. Four of the bullets hit her.

2 ways to defend against drug possession charges

Even if police accuse you of possessing only a small amount of drugs, the allegations are serious, and you could face significant punishments if the allegations result in a conviction. For this reason, North Carolina residents will want to do everything they can to defend against a drug possession charge if they can establish a viable defense strategy.

Here are two ways that defendants might choose to answer a charge of drug possession during their criminal court proceedings:

"Making a Murderer Part 2" highlights hurdles in the postconviction process

A few years ago, "Making a Murderer" took Netflix by storm, probing the depths of reasonable doubt and shedding light on the limits of the criminal justice system.

The 10-episode documentary follows Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who spent nearly two decades in prison for a wrongful conviction of rape and attempted murder.


In a story filled with twists and turns - and in perfect true-crime fashion - Avery got exonerated and released, only to be charged in a new murder case. The victim, Autotrader photographer Teresa Halbach, disappeared under mysterious circumstances after taking pictures of a van at Avery's salvage yard. Her burnt remains were eventually found on Avery's property. Avery's teenaged nephew, Brendan Dassey, confessed to helping his uncle murder her.

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