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Addiction rates are higher in North Carolina

Addiction is a serious problem at home and across the United States. At different times in recent history, different drugs have been rampant. In recent years, opioids are negatively affecting many North Carolinians and their families.


Sending fewer juveniles to adult court

It was 1971 when the voting age in the US was set to 18 years of age. Prior to that it was 21. At 18, a child legally becomes and adult. That independence grants many benefits, but it includes a new range of consequences and punishment too. The general attitude across the country is that people are responsible for their actions at 18. That they are adults.


How do appeals work?

The banging of the gavel is supposed to be the end. The final sentence. But what if it's wrong? How is justice served?

After the time, stress and money of a trial, many people are still upset and unsatisfied when their trial finishes. If justice is not served, there are options, but they come with conditions to limit abuse of the system. After all, if there were no limits, every guilty ruling would cycle endlessly. Appeals are a common method used to review a case.


Human trafficking is a crime that doesn't seem to go away

Some crimes seem to never go away, in spite of the severity and inhumanity that takes place. There are many high profile anti-human trafficking awareness campaigns going on as we speak. A quick glance at a news channel or newspaper will highlight why. There's the monstrosity of the charges against Jeffrey Epstein, and multiple reports ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania and New Jersey just this month.


Are there different ethical standards for men and women?

While Katie Hill was not a nationally recognized name a few months ago, most people who follow the news know that the former California representative recently resigned over allegations of an affair. The story made waves, in part due to leaked, private photographs of the representative.


Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend: How much does she know?

Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted sex offender who abused numerous underage girls over the course of decades. Standing by his side through much of his criminal life was a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and daughter of media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

Maxwell and Epstein met in 1991 and were once intimately involved. The pair remained close friends until he died. Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on August 10, 2019, of apparent suicide - but there is speculation that he died by homicide.


More charges in college bribery schemes

By now most people have heard about the college admissions scandal where wealthy parents were buying their kids' way into school. While several parents have already been convicted, the federal government is still bringing more charges in the case. For those who haven't pleaded guilty, the government just announced additional charges of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery.


How does impeachment work?

Impeachment is a word most people have grown up with. From Nixon to Clinton, and let's not forget Andrew Johnson in 1868, three US presidents have faced impeachment. Of those three, two have faced formal impeachment votes in the House of Representative and one resigned. Zero have been removed from office by the legislative branch.


A murder conviction for a former Dallas police officer

A former police officer in Dallas, TX was convicted of murder this week. The officer entered her neighbor's apartment and shot him as he ate ice cream. Her defense: that she was tired, distracted and confused.

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