Drunk Driving

28 Jan

Gastonia, North Carolina man faces DWI charges for the fourth time

This past Tuesday morning, a driver from Gastonia was arrested by local police and jailed...

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27 Jan

New Securities Fraud Task Force Assembled in Charlotte, NC Last Week

The Charlotte Observer released information of note last Friday to those interested in issues of white...

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21 Jan

American Beverage Institute Speaks Out Against DWI Checkpoints

The American Beverage Institute (ABI) made spoke out recently against DWI checkpoints, saying they would like to...

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20 Jan

City Council Rejects Proposal to Shame DUI Suspects Via Facebook

Social media use is in the rise, with social information-sharing sites such as Facebook and...

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14 Jan

Man Allegedly Running Brothel in North Carolina Comes Forward

One of roughly 20 defendants charged in November for his involvement in the proliferation of...

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13 Jan

Star of Teen Mom 2 Facing Drug Charges in North Carolina Next Month

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 began its season last night with a star already shrouded in controversy. One...

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