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We FIGHT for the Best Results
We FIGHT for the Best Results

February 2011 Archives

North Carolina man faces multiple drug charges, immigration charges

A man local authorities claim to be a major source of powder cocaine in western Rowan County, North Carolina, is now facing deportation for the second time. The federal immigration charges came about after an arrest in a September drug bust where he was charged with three felony drug trafficking charges and one conspiracy to traffic charge, all for cocaine.

New DWI law heads to the North Carolina House Finance Committee

A North Carolina House Judiciary subcommittee approved a bill yesterday aimed at increasing potential jail time, fines and court costs associated for those receiving repeat DWI convictions. Planned efforts to continuously monitor the alcohol consumption of such offenders for a post-release period of up to four months or for any pre-trial release period were also approved by the subcommittee.This bill has been dubbed "Laura's Law," as it has come about in the wake of the death of a North Carolina teenager killed last summer by a drunk driver with prior drunk driving convictions. The girl's family gained momentum for such legislation by speaking with the news media in the wake of the accident, receiving widespread attention and sympathy.

Sex offender arrested in North Carolina for using Facebook

A Swannanoa, North Carolina woman was arrested earlier this month and charged with two counts of using social networking sites as a registered sex offender. A Buncombe County judge set her bail at $5,000.The Swannanoa woman had been convicted of participating in the prostitution of a minor in North Carolina back in 1996. The charge and conviction in Randolph County led to a two-month stint in prison, after which she was released and forced to register as a sex offender.As we've discussed previously, North Carolina's General Assembly passed a law that went into effect in 2009 prohibiting all registered sex offenders from maintaining a personal profile with any social networking site. Offenders are still allowed to use the internet for legitimate business purposes and for social email communication, but sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are off-limits.

State considers changing law for first-time DUI offenders

So often, it takes a good example of legislative change to be set in one state before lawmakers in North Carolina and other states decide to take up the fight for similar legislation. Such a legislative example is currently in the works in Arizona to show mercy towards those who have made a once-in-a-lifetime mistake.Senate Bill 1200 is making its way through committees and into the Arizona Senate with its supporters' goal being to give first-time DUI offenders a chance to have their sentences lessened if they demonstrate good behavior. The proposal has stirred up passionate debate in the state.

Bill to ban synthetic marijuana passes North Carolina Senate Thursday

As we've discussed previously on our blog ("DEA: No More 'Fake Pot'" 12/9/10), synthetic marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in North Carolina and throughout the country. The substance is currently sold legally in many convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops. When smoked, it produces a high similar to pot. A bill aimed at banning synthetic marijuana as well as a bill seeking to ban the often abused plant food substance mephedrone made it through North Carolina's Senate yesterday. Each bill will now proceed to be voted on in the House.Senate Bill 9, the bill focused on synthetic marijuana, was passed unanimously in the Senate by a vote of 50-0. The bill seeks to create penalties specific to the possession or sale of said substance. If passed by the House, the bill could become effective as soon as April 1. Simple drug possession would be an automatic misdemeanor, whereas the possession of a substantial amount of synthetic pot or trafficking of the substance would be considered a Class 1 felony. If the mephedrone bill - Senate Bill 7 - is passed in the house, it could go into effect as soon as December 1.

Alleged drunk driver arrested after driving through a Charlotte park

Police in Charlotte pursued and arrested a man believed to have been driving drunk through a park downtown at 400 W. Seventh Street last month. The 24 year old man is accused of causing more than $2,500 in the park.The Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation department reports the incident that occurred before midnight back on Saturday, January 16th resulted in damage to a park sign, garbage can and park bench in downtown Charlotte. Police were called to the scene after being informed by a person who claims to have seen the man driving through the park.Charlotte police later caught up with the alleged drunk driver, charging him with reckless driving, hit and run, driving without a license, failure to heed blue lights and sirens, resisting a public officer and driving under the influence. The man was released from jail on a $4,200 bond while awaiting trial.

Charlotte's Bank of America named as party in fraud lawsuit

A recent lawsuit filed on behalf of investors named Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America and its recently acquired Countrywide Financial unit as parties to "massive fraud."The lawsuit was filed in New York Supreme Court late last month by 12 separate investment firms, alleging officials at Countrywide provided misleading information to investors on securities backed by mortgages. In the suit, these investment firms claimed to have purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of such securities on behalf of their customers from Countrywide over a recent two-year period.

Woman Allegedly Attacks Boyfriend in Domestic Violence Dispute

A North Carolina woman was charged with inflicting serious bodily injury as well as assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly attacking her live-in boyfriend during a heated domestic dispute last month, according to a detective from the Enfield, North Carolina police department. The woman's arrest came after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend numerous times all over his upper body.Apparently the couple had been drinking together before the situation erupted into the alleged incidence of domestic violence. Other reasons that could have led the woman to attack her boyfriend are unknown at this time.One of the stab wounds suffered by the man had the potential to be fatal. Although he is expected to make a full recovery, doctors are saying the situation could have easily become more serious. The Enfield, North Carolina woman charged in the incident was being held in jail on $50,000 bond until her hearing set for the end of January.

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