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We FIGHT for the Best Results

March 2011 Archives

Senators call for the elimination of DWI checkpoint apps this week

Smartphone software applications, or "apps," are all the rage right now in North Carolina and throughout the entire nation. So much so, that multiple companies have taken steps to develop applications to alert drivers of intersections with red light cameras, the location of speed traps and DWI checkpoints. The creators of these apps maintain their purpose is to get drivers thinking twice about drunk driving, but a group of U.S. senators is not convinced.

The buzz
Earlier this week, four senators from states across the nation collectively sent letters to Google, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) asking that they pull certain "DWI apps" from their inventory, as they believe such Smartphone programs encourage drunk driving. It would be interesting to know what event(s) spurred these Senators to take action earlier this week, as such apps have been in existence in various forms since 2008.

North Carolina store owner accused of lotto ticket larceny

The owner of a Pop Mart convenience store just 40 miles south of Raleigh has been accused of theft of a winning lottery ticket in order to cash it himself. He was charged last week with obtaining property by false pretense and felony larceny. The real owner of the ticket in question stands to claim nearly $90,000.The police investigation suggests the winning Carolina Cash 5 lotto ticket was purchased a few hours away from the Dunn, North Carolina Pop Mart at a different location out on the coast this past summer. The report claims a woman had bought this ticket in Carolina Beach back in August and had attempted to cash it at the Dunn Pop Mart shortly thereafter.

No drug charges filed in high-speed chase involving synthetic marijuana

North Carolina lawmakers recently passed a ban on the sale of synthetic marijuana and certain bath salts containing the ingredient MDPV, adding them to the state's controlled substance list. The legislation has yet to be signed into law by Governor Bev Perdue, so no one has yet to receive drug charges in North Carolina as a result of synthetic marijuana use.In a related story, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) technicians were responding to a call regarding a combative patient Wednesday evening when the subject of the call drove by their emergency vehicle while en route. EMS responders claim the Salisbury, North Carolina man narrowly missed hitting them on their way to the scene. It is unclear whether the potential accident was a result of the suspect's or the EMS vehicle's speed or reckless driving.

Drunk driving suspect used fake North Carolina drivers' license

The identities of two Hispanic men pulled over across state lines for speeding last weekend were still unknown as of this past Tuesday. After the driver of the car was arrested and charged with drunk driving, police found him and his passenger to each be in possession of a fraudulent North Carolina drivers' license. It is still unclear as to whether the men were actually living in North Carolina or whether they arbitrarily decided to purchased a fraudulent North Carolina drivers' license.Neither of the men in the car would provide their ages, home or work addresses to police interpreters. Both provided what were later revealed to be false names. Each man is now being held while federal immigration authorities determine whether or not they will face an Immigration Review judge for a deportation hearing.

Meth lab in daycare center raided by North Carolina police

A Morganton, North Carolina couple was placed under arrest early last week under suspicion of operating a meth lab within a daycare center. Recently, the duo had allegedly made large purchases of pseudoephedrine, automatically bringing them under intense scrutiny by local authorities due to the crucial role the drug plays in cooking methamphetamine. Both were being held on $25,000 bail as of late last week. The woman arrested in the drug bust had recently applied for a license to operate a day care center in her home, the subject of the police raid. In what is probably more than a coincidence, she received the license to operate on the very same day police descended upon the house and arrested the couple.

North Carolina's Credit Doctor facing fraud charges in federal court

A North Carolina businessman is facing 74 counts of criminal charges after being indicted in federal court last week. The charges are the result of allegations that he engaged in fraud and money laundering to the tune of $4 million through the use of fraudulent credit applications.

Wake County men seeking removal from sex offender registry

Being removed from North Carolina's sex offender registry is probably top of mind for all those convicted of a sex offense and forced to register as a sex offender in our state, making it much more difficult to find gainful employment or a place to call home. Being removed from the list is difficult, but not impossible.

Man arrested in North Carolina faces drug charges in home state

A man charged with a slew of crimes was transported back to his home state for prosecution Monday after being arrested by Gaston County, North Carolina, sheriff's deputies back in December. The charges he faces stem from a meth-lab fire this past summer that left one woman dead.

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