Drug Crimes

30 Mar

Portable Meth Labs Contributing to the Number of North Carolina Busts

2010 was a record-setting year for meth busts in North Carolina. Authorities are attributing the...

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25 Mar

Senators Call For the Elimination of DWI Checkpoint Apps This Week

Smartphone software applications, or “apps,” are all the rage right now in North Carolina and...

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22 Mar

North Carolina store owner accused of lotto ticket larceny

The owner of a Pop Mart convenience store just 40 miles south of Raleigh has...

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18 Mar

No drug charges filed in high-speed chase involving synthetic marijuana

North Carolina lawmakers recently passed a ban on the sale of synthetic marijuana and certain...

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17 Mar

Drunk driving suspect used fake North Carolina drivers’ license

The identities of two Hispanic men pulled over across state lines for speeding last weekend...

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11 Mar

Meth lab in daycare center raided by North Carolina police

A Morganton, North Carolina couple was placed under arrest early last week under suspicion of...

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