Drunk Driving

25 Apr

Greenville Alcohol Special Operations Nets More Than 200 Charges

North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) agents and Pitt County Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) officers...

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Judge faces DUI charges in North Carolina

In October 2010, a judge was charged with a misdemeanor for driving while impaired during...

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22 Apr

North Carolina store clerk targeted by police for drug distribution

North Carolina police uncovered a possible drug trafficking operation via an outlet in Concord earlier this week....

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20 Apr

Nicolas Cage faces domestic abuse charges

Many different things can lead to domestic violence. Many times, individuals who abuse family members do...

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18 Apr

Durham Middle School Teacher Accused of Sexual Activity with a Student

A former student at Parkland High School in Forsyth County says that she had an...

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17 Apr

Three North Carolina men arrested in large drug bust last week

A large drug bust went down in Lenoir County, North Carolina last month, yielding over...

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