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Routine Traffic Stop Uncovers Counterfeit Credit Cards, Gift Cards

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2011 | Drug Crimes |

Two people were stopped along North Carolina U.S. 70 in Newport for suspected reckless and careless driving when officers uncovered much more – 70 counterfeit credits cards, more than $1000 in cash, gift cards and pre-paid credit cards. In the vehicle, there were also a variety of high-end electronics likely purchased with the counterfeit credit cards.

The two New York residents in the car have been charged with a variety of theft, stolen property and drug charges. The woman was in possession of a large amount of marijuana as well, which wasn’t uncovered until police found that she had tried to hide it in a body cavity.

Law enforcement officials estimate the total value of the illegal items seized is more than $100,000. Police believe that the counterfeit credit card numbers were stolen from victims of identity theft. The suspects then used the numbers to create new credit cards, making large electronic, gift card and pre-paid credit card purchases.

Upon further investigation, police have reported that they believe the pair is involved in a large counterfeit scheme throughout the East Coast. Law enforcement officers are still looking for two men taped in a surveillance video with the two people they have in custody. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined local North Carolina authorities in the investigation.

Source: ENC Today “Two Charged in Suspected Counterfeit Credit Card Rings,” 7/12/2011


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