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Six North Carolina Residents Accused of Robbing Pizza Hut

Six North Carolina residents are facing armed robbery charges after allegedly robbing a Pizza Hut last month in Brunswick County. On August 12, two men armed with dangerous weapons entered the Shallotte Pizza Hut, demanding money. The men took an undisclosed sum of money from the assistant manager and drove off in a getaway car before police officers arrived.

Ironically, the police were led to believe that employees of the Pizza Hut had a role in the armed robbery. The employees working at the Pizza Hut at the time of armed robbery thought that they identified the driver of the getaway car as an employee of the Pizza Hut.

After executing a search warrant at the home of the driver's house, the police also arrested other individuals who conspired with the two men who allegedly robbed the Pizza Hut. One woman was charged for harboring the two men at her house and two other women were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. Of the six charged in connection with the armed robbery, three were employees at the Pizza Hut.

Felony armed robbery charges or any other felony charges involving dangerous weapons are serious allegations in North Carolina. The law treats any crime committed with a weapon more seriously and the punishment usually includes jail time.

Source: The Sun News "Six charged in connection with Pizza Hut armed robbery in Brunswick County," 9/15/2011


It is custom for robbers to have friends infiltrated in the bussines they plan on attacking. Either some of them seek employment at these establishments just a few days before committing the robbery, or they obtain help from some of the usual employers in exchange of a share of the loot.

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