Sex Crimes

30 Mar

Former Johnston County Teacher Faces Sex Abuse Charges

Sex crime charges continue to mount as more students come forward with information about a...

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28 Mar

Excessive Speeding = Arrest For North Carolina Teen Drivers

A Raleigh teen and a Piedmont teen were recently arrested under North Carolina’s new zero-tolerance...

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22 Mar

Fatal DWI Crash Ends in Second Degree Murder Charges

A Maysville head-on crash killed one person and injured another when an allegedly drunk driver...

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20 Mar

A Sentence After Your Sentence – Commitment for Federal Sex Crimes

The federal prison in Butner, North Carolina is made up of four facilities that house...

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19 Mar

Clayton mother charged with drug possession after shooting

A Clayton mother who was a victim of violence in her apartment earlier this month...

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8 Mar

North Carolina Man Charged With Sex Crime One Day After Leaving Prison

A 30-year-old North Carolina man was arrested one day after he was released from prison....

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