Sex Crimes

29 Aug

Family Photos Are Evidence Of Sex Crimes According To Police

A head college football coach was charged with sex offenses involving minors last week after...

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24 Aug

Franklin County Sheriff Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

Pat Green resigned his position as Sheriff of Franklin County at the beginning of last...

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22 Aug

Spice, Bath Salts Are Now Schedule I Controlled Substances

The Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012, signed into law in July, added 15...

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16 Aug

North Carolina Man Faces Sex Charge for Work Bathroom Video

Even one allegation of a sex offense can lead to harsh consequences, as a 20-year-old...

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14 Aug

Facebook, Other Companies Monitor Sites for Internet Sex Crimes

Your casual conversations over Facebook and other websites may be monitored for evidence of sex...

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9 Aug

Fighting For Your Rights At A Chapter 50B Hearing

An emergency order for protection under Chapter 50B of the North Carolina general statutes can...

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