Criminal Defense

31 Oct

Supreme Court To Consider Search And Seizure Issues In November

On the docket this November, the Supreme Court of the United States is set to...

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29 Oct

Child Pornography, Sexual Abuse Lead To Sex Offense Charges

Allegations of child pornography and rumors of sexual abuse of a child have led to...

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26 Oct

Teen Accused Of Selling Drugs Resulting In Possible Overdose Death

An online drug sales ring, a home chemistry lab and student drug dealers are being...

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24 Oct

Plea To Federal Charges Of Fraud Results In Near 3-Year Sentence

Linda Knox entered a guilty plea to federal charges involving mail fraud in 2010. She was accused...

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19 Oct

Raleigh Student Arrested On Marijuana Drug Charges

19-year-old Raleigh student Shaquell Autry was charged with a felony drug offense after police found...

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17 Oct

I Was Convicted Of A Felony. Can I Vote In North Carolina?

For those who are awaiting trial for a North Carolina felony offense or for those convicted of...

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