Criminal Defense

29 Nov

Email Searches – Can Congress Stop Them?

Earlier this week, we posted about a cell phone search of a Rhode Island woman’s...

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26 Nov

Can The Police Search My Cellphone Without A Warrant?

Maybe. At this point, it depends where you are (what state) when law enforcement searches...

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23 Nov

North Carolina Man Accused Of Fraud In Hawaii

Marc Hubbard was being held in jail in North Carolina on federal fraud charges was released by...

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21 Nov

Search For Moonshine Uncovers Massive Marijuana Grow House

After police found 49-year-old Kenneth Brooks in possession of moonshine during a recent traffic stop,...

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16 Nov

Dez Wells Can Play Basketball Despite Sex Offense Accusations

This story seems to fit fairly well with our theme of the power of a...

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12 Nov

With Sex Offenses, Accusations Are Too Often Treated As Convictions

Seven years ago, the man behind beloved Sesame Street character Elmo had an inappropriate relationship...

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