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Security Camera Catches Raleigh Burglars Red-Handed

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

At least two men involved in a Raleigh break-in captured on video by a home security system and later posted to YouTube have been arrested and charged with burglary. The online video of the break-in has received close to 2 million views.

The two men now under arrest and another man broke into a Caraleigh house over the holiday break. The homeowners were away at the time. The security camera footage shows the trio first ringing the doorbell of the home to confirm that no one was home and then breaking down the kitchen door to enter the home.

They then began scouting around the house to find pieces worth stealing.

Once they realized that they were on film, the perpetrators attempted to stop the video and destroy the evidence of the burglary. They were unsuccessful.

Twenty-year-old Kadarius Newsome and 17-year-old Qushawn Newsome have been charged with burglary and larceny related to the recorded home-invasion. It’s undetermined whether the Newsomes are related. The third member of their enterprise is still at large.

Kadarius has a prior record of breaking and entering. He received probation for a 2009 felony breaking and entering and larceny conviction. He ended up serving five and a half months in prison after his probation was revoked. He is currently in jail on a $30,000 bond.

Source: Raleigh NewsObserver, “Police make second arrest in Raleigh break-in shown on YouTube,” January 7, 2012


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