Sex Crimes

29 Mar

Charlotte Shelter Closes Doors To Registered Sex Offenders

The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte has stopped accepting residents who are registered sex offenders and...

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27 Mar

Sexts On Minor’s Phone Result In Sex Crimes Charges For 2 NC Men

Explicit photos on the cell phone of a teenage girl resulting in sex offense charges...

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25 Mar

Changes Coming To Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing?

While federal sentencing guidelines do give inmates credit for good behavior toward early release from...

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Female Convicted of Raping Two Male Children In Catawba County

A 48-year-old Newton woman has been sentenced to at least 300 months in prison and...

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22 Mar

Teen Statutory Rape Often Just A Misunderstanding Of Sex Crimes

A teenage couple in Florida is making news because of their ages: one is 18...

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21 Mar

Crop Insurance Fraud Scheme Uncovered In North Carolina

A fraud scheme that involved cash for crops while the same farmers made insurance claims...

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