Sex Crimes

29 Jun

YMCA Janitor Tied To Video Camera In Locker Room

At least 80 women were captured on film in various states of undress at two...

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28 Jun

Solicitation Sting Nets Charlotte Man

An arrest for online solicitation of a minor awaited a 37-year-old Charlotte man at his destination, rather...

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26 Jun

When In Doubt, Demand Your Right To Remain Silent

What you say and what you don’t say can be used against you in a...

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21 Jun

WNC Drug Ring Busted In Federal Drug Trafficking Investigation

For two years, the feds claim to have been watching a group of people accused...

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19 Jun

Juvenile Out-Of-State Sex Offense Conviction Follows Husband, Father To NC

Sex crimes committed while a juvenile followed one man to North Carolina all the way...

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15 Jun

Drug Bust Leads To Child Abuse Charges

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office received a tip about suspicious activity at a home on...

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