Criminal Defense

31 Jul

Eyewitness Accounts Shouldn’t Be Taken As Absolute Truth

Researchers studying the validity of recounted memories have discovered something that many criminal defense lawyers...

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30 Jul

Charlotte Company Facing Federal Fraud Charges

Money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the federal government are just two of the charges...

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25 Jul

Meth Troubles Continue To Follow Trawick

Last year, David Trawick was arrested for cooking meth near his Marshville home. This year,...

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24 Jul

Green Seeks Review Of Blood Evidence In 1993 Murder Case

Daniel Green, who was convicted of murdering Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan, in 1993, still...

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23 Jul

I Got A DWI. Do I Need A Lawyer?

Even if it is your first drunk driving charge, you should at the very least...

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18 Jul

Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Claimed To Hire A Hitman

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, Deanna Pruitt had contacted one of their police...

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