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August 2013 Archives

Charlotte Man Found Guilty Of Sex Crimes, Trafficking

NC Internet Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer.jpgAfter meeting a young girl online and building a relationship through social media and text messages, a Charlotte man engaged in sex trafficking, according to federal prosecutors. The U.S. Attorney on the federal sex crimes case alleged that Juan Gray-Sommerville picked the young girl up outside of her school, took her to a local motel and photographed her for the purposes of creating a sex-for-sale website.

North Carolina police to crack down on drunk driving

Though thousands of alcohol-related crashes take place in North Carolina every year, police have noted that the majority of them occur at certain times of the year. The holiday season, for instance, sees a relatively large number of DWI cases, as does the 4th of July. Police officers commonly set out extra patrols during these times of the year to discourage drunk driving.

Late Night Encounter Ends In Rape, Kidnapping Charges

A Charlotte man is accused of raping a woman late Sunday night in the courtyard area of an apartment complex. Police reported that several witnesses heard the woman's cries and attempted to stop the alleged sexual assault; when others got involved in the altercation, the 21-year-old suspect fled on foot.

North Carolina crime lab faces severe backlog of DWI tests

When a person has been accused of DWI, often a key piece of evidence at the trial is the results of a blood-alcohol screening. Usually this comes in the form of a Breathalyzer test, which produces results immediately. But in some cases, evidence is taken in the form of a blood test, which provides more accurate readings. Frequently, the blood-alcohol reading from this test is the deciding factor between an innocent and a guilty verdict.

AG Holder calls for an end to mandatory drug sentencing laws

In a surprise announcement earlier this month, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he is instructing federal prosecutors to stop enforcing the nation's mandatory drug sentencing laws. Instead, prosecutors are asked to process the case in such a way as to avoid triggering the mandatory sentences, which will allow judges to apply lighter punishments.

Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend With Car In Ashe County

A North Carolina man is facing murder charges after being accused of intentionally running over his girlfriend in Ashe County resulting in her death. State troopers initially responded to the scene on N.C. 88, believing it to be a motor vehicle accident, but decided that foul play was involved and brought in the Ashe County Sheriff's Office to investigate.

North Carolina sting operation snares suspected sex traffickers

In today's modern age, police are putting more and more effort into cracking down on Internet sex crimes. It is now common for undercover officers to pose as either prostitutes or as potential clients in an effort to crack down on the men and women who engage in Internet sex crimes.

Can I Get Into Trouble For Downloading Child Pornography Just Once?

Yes, without a doubt, even one act of downloading a single piece of child pornography - whether that be a photo, video or other media - can mean criminal sex crimes charges. The possession of child pornography is against both North Carolina and federal laws; downloading one file and quickly deleting it can mean a knock on the door from the cops.

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