Drunk Driving

12 Sep

Suspected drunk driver pulled over by North Carolina fire truck

When dealing with a DWI or drunk driving case, one of the most important determinations that the...

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11 Sep

Can a North Carolina firefighter stop a suspected drunk driver?

Everyone knows that the sight of flashing blue lights means “pull over.” But what if...

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10 Sep

Think Twice Before Tweeting #INeedARide

Teens across the country are thinking twice before getting their driver’s license or first car....

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NC High Court Says No To Social Media Use By Convicted Sex Offenders

A unanimous decision by the North Carolina Court of Appeals appeared to pave the way...

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7 Sep

NC’s Largest Marijuana Grow House Bust Claims He’s Good Samaritan

Despite changes from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) calling for easing prosecution of minor...

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5 Sep

CEO faces penalties for CFO’s embezzlement

Embezzlement, or the fraudulent theft of business assets, is one of the better known white collar...

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