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October 2013 Archives

North Carolina man accused of possessing child pornography

The possession of child pornography, like all sex crimes, is a crime that is viewed extremely negatively in the arena of public opinion. In addition to the heavy punishments attached to the crime, there is also a very heavy stigma attached to anyone convicted of an Internet sex crime. This stigma is reinforced by registration onto the sex offender registry, a status that can last for decades.

Target Bans The Box For Criminal History On Job Applications

Good news for job seekers in the Charlotte area with a criminal history - Target has decided to 'ban the box' nationally, removing the box that requests applicants to disclose any prior criminal problems on the application form. The corporation has stated that it is its goal, nationwide, to assist in the reintegration of those who have been through the criminal justice system by offering more jobs to convicted ex-offenders.

North Carolina Senate to consider stricter drunk driving laws

Over the past three decades, drunk driving laws in North Carolina have been getting progressively stricter. In the 1980's, drunk driving was not seen as a particularly serious infraction; indeed, it was relatively common and lacked the heavy social stigma it carries today. As a result, laws against drunk driving were relatively lenient and courts of the day often let offenders off with fairly light sentences.

Sentencing After A Sex Offense Conviction In North Carolina

If you are facing criminal charges related to a sexually-based offense, whether you are being investigated or have already been arrested and charged, you need an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer. The penalties for sex crimes are harsh, in both the North Carolina criminal justice system and the federal system.

Seven-figure bail set in Raleigh drug trafficking case

It's a fact of American law that drug cases can involve some truly incredible numbers. State and federal laws treat drug crimes very seriously, and so the punishments for them can be very severe. Even small amounts of drugs can result in double-digit prison terms, and the punishments associated with multiple charges can quickly stack up.

Raleigh Police Department to set up more patrols near campus

DWI checkpoints are a standard part of the law enforcement playbook. On certain nights on certain streets, one can expect to see police officers watching carefully for errant driving. Anyone caught driving over the limit will likely suffer serious penalties, the least of which would be the suspension of one's license.

Two Raleigh man charged with drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug-related offenses. Drug trafficking is often charged as a federal crime, and like many federal crimes, it is dealt with very harshly. Sentences for drug trafficking often call for several years of imprisonment, even for nonviolent offenders.

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