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We FIGHT for the Best Results
We FIGHT for the Best Results

January 2014 Archives

Second Grand Jury Votes To Indict Charlotte Police Officer

A Charlotte police officer was indicted on voluntary manslaughter charges this week, the second opportunity a Grand Jury has had to consider the facts and charges in the case. The first Grand Jury to review the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell declined to indict the Charlotte cop, Randall Kerrick, on voluntary manslaughter charges. That Grand Jury had requested the case be resubmitted with lesser charges.

North Carolina man sentenced to 60 years for drug trafficking

A Charlotte man may well spend the rest of his natural life in prison after receiving a hefty sentence for federal drug and weapons charges. The 28-year-old man was sentenced to a 60-year prison term for his involvement in a local drug trafficking ring. Investigators say the man was able to sneak in hundreds of pounds of marijuana through airports in North Carolina.

Raleigh man accused of drug crimes related to marijuana, others

A man from Raleigh, North Carolina, is facing a series of drug charges for providing several types of drugs to the local community. The man is accused of being a source for prescription drugs such as Xanax. He also allegedly engaged in drug crimes related to LSD and marijuana, in addition to the drug Molly, also known as MDMA. He was arrested on Jan. 24, according to law enforcement officers.

Operation Stamp Out Nets 61 On Drug Trafficking, Other Offenses

Chances are you may know someone who's been swept into a recent drug trafficking bust in Lancaster County. Sixty-one people have been charged with 177 offenses related to drug distribution in the county off of I-77, just south of Charlotte and the North Carolina border. Among the charges are trafficking in marijuana, trafficking in cocaine, distributing marijuana and cocaine and weapons offenses.

Man gets long-term prison sentence for Internet sex crimes

A 53-year-old man has been sentenced to a significant prison term for child pornography. The man was accused of Internet sex crimes, including the manufacture and distribution of child pornography to an international group of alleged child predators. News reports show that the man will spend more than 27 years in custody after pleading guilty to the allegations. He is also required to pay $92,360 in criminal restitution to his victim. The man will further be subject to the provisions of supervised release for the rest of his natural life after he is released. The man was convicted in federal court.

Man facing federal crimes, state allegations after shooting

A North Carolina man who was accused of shooting a Charlotte police officer is now facing a series of violent crime and weapons charges in connection with the incident. Those federal crimes include violations related to interstate commerce laws, according to formal court documents. The defendant in this case is accused of stealing paychecks from an out-of-state provider when he held up a fast-food restaurant in mid-December. This alleged interference in interstate commerce makes the case a federal matter, which could lead to heftier punishment due to federal sentencing guidelines.

What happens during a North Carolina DWI stop?

If you are a North Carolina driver, chances are that you have seen at least one other driver attempting a field sobriety test. What happens if you get pulled over on suspicion of DWI, however? Would you know how to advocate for your own rights? Today, we discuss what to expect during a drunk driving sobriety test and explain the implications of a refusal to take a breath test at the scene.

What's At Stake In A Second-Degree Rape Charge?

A Gastonia man is facing charges of second-degree rape after a New Year's Day liaison at his home led to accusations of sexual assault. According to reports of the incident, the woman involved had suffered a seizure and was unconscious at the time the sex act took place.

Thorough Investigation Drops Felony Sex Offense To Misdemeanor

Two prosecutors have taken several months to evaluate the evidence surrounding accusations of a felony sex assault made by a then-14-year-old girl against a then-17-year-old boy. Whether the two engaged in a sex act was never in question; the boy admitted to having intercourse with the girl, but asserted that it was not rape. Both prosecutors determined that the evidence was insufficient to pursues a felony conviction and related criminal punishment.

Email Invite Violates Restraining Order

There are many misconceptions about restraining orders or protective orders. One is that you're not breaking the terms of a no-contact order if the person who has one against you gives you permission to break it. This is still a violation and can still get you into hot water with the North Carolina criminal justice system.

Lower drug crime punishment may have unintended effect

Should you be denied legal representation simply because you are poor? It seems that legislators in North Carolina are working toward that outcome through their indirect influence in the way that justice is administered. Individuals in the state who are facing drug charges may be having their rights systematically dismantled in the name of saving money and lowering punishment for those found in possession. Although that may sound like a good thing - few would oppose less jail time for minor offenders - this system often leaves criminal defendants without the legal representation they desperately need.

General facing sexual assault allegations awaits trial

Legal proceedings have begun in one of the highest-profile sex crimes cases ever to have struck the military. A 51-year-old general in the U.S. Army is facing serious sexual assault allegations, making him the highest-ranked Army officer to ever have been charged with such a crime. The man, who had been a paratrooper in the early days of his career, is now up against eight criminal charges, including indecent acts, violating orders, forcible sodomy and conduct unbecoming of an officer. He could face life in prison if convicted on the counts. The man has pleaded not guilty to the allegations. He had been a distinguished military officer, overseeing tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan before he was abruptly shipped home and charged with criminal offenses.

'Worst of the worst' drug crimes offenders all African American

They were called the "worst of the worst" by local officials. The 32 men who were arrested for drug crimes by officers in North Carolina's regional neighbor of Tennessee were shamed by having their photographs published on the front page of the local newspaper. This all seems like a valiant effort to clean up the streets - but there was an interesting twist for the residents of Chattanooga.

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