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Thorough Investigation Drops Felony Sex Offense To Misdemeanor

Two prosecutors have taken several months to evaluate the evidence surrounding accusations of a felony sex assault made by a then-14-year-old girl against a then-17-year-old boy. Whether the two engaged in a sex act was never in question; the boy admitted to having intercourse with the girl, but asserted that it was not rape. Both prosecutors determined that the evidence was insufficient to pursues a felony conviction and related criminal punishment.

He was initially charged with a felony sex offense based on a sexual encounter with someone who was incapacitated, in this instance, by alcohol. The girl asserted that she blacked out and did not have a strong recollection of the night's events.

Ultimately, after a thorough investigation of all evidence of the alleged crime, the boy was charged with and pled guilty to child endangerment, a misdemeanor offense. The boy is now 19 and will serve 2 years on probation, a much better outcome than a felony sex crime conviction and the possibility of sex offender registration.

According to a report on the incident by the Associated Press, the teenagers met up after the girl snuck out of her house with a friend. There was drinking involved and allegations that date rape drugs may have been used as well. The misdemeanor charge was related to the conduct after the alleged sexual encounter. The boy left the girl outside her own home in 20 degree weather without a jacket, in only a shirt and yoga pants.

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