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February 2014 Archives

Durham Cops Net 33 Pounds Of Synthetic Marijuana During Traffic Stop

33 pounds is a hefty amount of synthetic marijuana. Hefty enough, in fact, that the Durham Police Department said it was a record amount for the city, as the News Observer reports, meaning that a 36-year-old man now faces what the News Observer characterizes as the "highest-level trafficking charges possible" for synthetic marijuana.

DWI defendants miss out on speedy trial in North Carolina

North Carolina has a reputation as having some of the most stringent rules for drunk driving. Now, some residents are calling for even more regulation, considering the shocking number of individuals arrested for DWI every year in the state. Authorities report that nearly 50,000 people were arrested within the state's borders for drunk driving during 2013, and 388 fatal alcohol-related crashes occurred.

Banks worry about drug crimes despite legalization of marijuana

Marijuana has been legalized in two American states, but banks throughout the nation say they are struggling to define their role in the new business model. The banks, some of which are also located in North Carolina, are facing potential business consequences if they open accounts for marijuana-based companies. Even though those marijuana businesses are not committing drug crimes according to state law, they are still violating federal rules.

State Crack Cocaine Drug Bust Ends In Federal Prison Time

A 33-year-old North Carolina man has been sentenced to 22 years in federal prison on drug trafficking charges after undercover officers purchased more than 100 grams of crack cocaine from him. The man was targeted for investigation on suspicion of dealing drugs by county law enforcement. The U.S. Attorney's office also had an open investigation focused on the North Carolina man and adopted the case after the drug bust was made.

North Carolina sex crimes convicts face trouble upon release

Legal changes in North Carolina may be working to support offenders who are having difficulty reintegrating into society, but certain convicts are being left out. Those recently released from prison explain the difficulties that often accompany attempting to find a job or a place to live - those challenges are only exacerbated for individuals who are convicted of sex crimes. A 2012 law that allows convicts to clear their criminal records after 15 years conspicuously fails to include those who are convicted of some sex offenses. Others left out of the legal protection include those with narcotics drug arrests and convictions for ethnic discrimination, among others.

AG Calls For Nationwide Restoration Of Voting Rights After Felony Conviction

Attorney General Eric Holder revealed another mission of the U.S. Department of Justice during a recent speech at Georgetown University: the restoration of voting rights to those convicted of felony crimes. Holder asserted that restrictions on voting rights - some that last for the entire life of the person convicted - are remnants of a racially biases criminal justice system of the past.

Federal crimes defendants may be victimized by grand jury system

Attorneys from Raleigh are calling the current North Carolina grand jury system "a joke," alleging that the excessive use of this legal tool is diminishing the quality of legal proceedings in the state. Grand juries hand down indictments in a variety of North Carolina cases, including those in which the defendant is accused of federal crimes. Attorneys argue that the grand juries are handing out indictments indiscriminately, failing to correctly weigh evidence and information in critical cases.

Federal Prison Sentences In Cross-Country Prescription Drug Ring

A prescription-drug-selling network busted by federal agents is resulting in prison sentences for additional members of the unraveling conspiracy. According to reports of the oxycodone ring, the bicoastal operation involved the shipping of prescription drugs from the West coast for sale here on the East. The individuals involved are facing 20- and 40-year prison sentences.

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