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We FIGHT for the Best Results

August 2014 Archives

Internet sex crimes outpace existing legal statutes

The term "selfie" is still relatively new in the cultural lexicon, but it is making a big splash in criminal law cases involving child pornography. Technological innovations tend to move far faster than the law, which means that social media related crimes must currently be prosecuted by outdated standards. The result: the criminalization of teens sending each other scandalous photographs through the web. Should such activities be considered Internet sex crimes?

Former Charlotte mayor to be sentenced soon for federal crimes

News reports out of North Carolina show that the former mayor of Charlotte, Patrick Cannon, could be sentenced in early September for his conviction related to a corruption case. Cannon entered a guilty plea for the federal crimes in early June. Those allegations included charges of Honest Services Wire Fraud. He had stepped down as the city's mayor in March after being taken into custody by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Police officer, wife charged with sex crimes from 1999 to 2002

A North Carolina police officer and his wife have been accused of sexually assaulting one of their younger relatives. The couple, who reside in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg area, have been charged with violations including a first-degree sex offense and several counts of both crimes against nature and indecent liberties with a minor. The victim claims that the sex crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002, according to official reports.

What is the role of a grand jury in federal crimes?

If you have been accused of a federal crime in North Carolina, you may have a lot of questions about the legal process you are about to experience. Prosecution for federal crimes generally gains momentum when a defendant is officially charged. However, this process is somewhat different from that used to address lower-level crimes. Today, we walk you through the process of being formally charged with a federal offense.

North Carolina residents plead guilty to sweepstakes fraud

Two Greensboro, North Carolina, residents have pleaded guilty to federal allegations in connection with a fraudulent sweepstakes system in Costa Rica. The pair, a 39-year-old woman and her 41-year-old husband, were accused of white collar crimes after they allegedly established a sweepstakes program in Costa Rica. That program was reportedly designed to fraudulently solicit funds from U.S. residents, many of whom were elderly. In all, the couple is accused of making off with more than $840,000 because of the scheme.

Jury convicts Charlotte man of federal crimes for sex trafficking

A North Carolina man has been convicted of several sex crimes by a federal jury in Charlotte. The man, age 31, was accused of federal crimes including sex trafficking and pimping, according to official sources. The federal jury debated for just about two hours before convicting the man. He was found guilty on counts of kidnapping, producing child pornography, witness tampering and promoting prostitution.

Man in North Carolina faces four charges for sex crimes

A 23-year-old man recently went before the Catawba County Criminal Superior Court in North Carolina, facing accusations that he had committed numerous sex crimes. As a result, it was determined that he should spend 26 months in jail. This is not the man's first experience with sex crimes that involve minors.

Fourth executive pleads guilty to construction federal crimes

A fourth high-ranking employee at Boggs Paving Inc. in North Carolina has entered a guilty plea in connection with federal allegations that the company mismanaged federal and state contract money. The man, age 59, has reached a plea agreement in the case, which alleges that the company received more than $87 million in construction contracts. Company officials are accused of federal crimes because they misled government officials about the role of a minority-owned business in the construction work.

North Carolina's DWI laws notoriously tough

Did you know that North Carolina has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation? That's right, even before a 1999 legal crackdown on DWI, this state has had a reputation for being tough on crime when it comes to intoxicated drivers. With a comprehensive system that includes the use of ignition interlocks and strict penalties -- including jail time -- it is important that drivers learn about the details of the drunk driving allegations they are facing in North Carolina.

North Carolina adoptive parents accused of financial fraud

Two North Carolina residents have been arrested in connection with federal fraud allegations exactly one year after their adopted daughter was reported missing in Rowan County. The parents were arrested at their Fayetteville home on July 30, according to authorities. They are facing allegations of federal crimes related to Medicaid and other program-related fraud.

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