Drug Crimes

30 Oct

Most criminal cases in North Carolina relate to drug charges

An incredible study done in North Carolina back in 2008 showed that the vast majority...

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Sexual abuse reporting requirements in North Carolina

Sexual offenses such as statutory rape involve minors. This is a type of sexual abuse...

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24 Oct

Raleigh woman arrested over son’s death in drunk driving crash

One of the hardest circumstances facing parents is to bury their children. But the grief...

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23 Oct

Former Charlotte mayor shows contrition at his sentencing

People who have led honest, productive lives can get caught up in white collar crimes....

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16 Oct

Former mayor of Charlotte goes to jail for bribery

A man who used to be the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, was caught in...

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9 Oct

North Carolina defendants need protection from tough legal system

If you are a North Carolina resident facing drug trafficking charges, you may be feeling...

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