Federal Crimes

28 Nov

Fight against conspiracy charges for federal crimes

Learning that you have been charged with any federal crime is usually enough to incite...

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North Carolina payroll company fleeces clients

A Taylorsville manufacturer is under the gun due to thousands of dollars in unpaid payroll...

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20 Nov

What is the legal definition of embezzlement?

In the North Carolina General Statutes, the crime of embezzlement is referenced in Chapter 14,...

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18 Nov

Understanding North Carolina drug treatment court

In many states, drug courts or drug treatment courts seek to offer treatment to people...

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14 Nov

Why challenging Breathalyzer results is important

Those who are arrested for DUI will usually have to provide a sample of their...

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11 Nov

Lawyer up when facing drug charges in North Carolina

Consider how many times people have been in the wrong place at the wrong time...

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