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Fight against conspiracy charges for federal crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2014 | Federal Crimes |

Learning that you have been charged with any federal crime is usually enough to incite fear in a person. When a federal prosecutor can’t prove that you were a person who actually committed a federal crime but believes that you played some part in the crime, you might be charged with federal conspiracy. This catch-all charge can be a difficult one to fight. We have the experience you need on your side to fight against the conspiracy charge.

For any defendant in North Carolina who is facing a federal conspiracy charge, understanding the legal basis of this charge might help you as you fight against your case. When a federal prosecutor opts to charge a person with conspiracy, all that prosecutor needs is evidence that you agreed to help someone commit an illegal act.

There are some important distinctions that anyone who is charged with federal conspiracy should know. One of these is that if you agree to commit a crime with someone else and then withdraw from your part in the crime before the crime takes place, you didn’t commit conspiracy.

Another is that you had to know that you were agreeing to take part in a crime. You can’t unknowingly be a party to a conspiracy in the eyes of the law.

A third distinction surrounds who is part of the conspiracy. At least two people have to agree to commit a crime, but neither of those can be an agent of the government. In other words, you can’t be charged with conspiracy if you agree to commit a crime with an undercover police officer.

As you probably realize by now, federal conspiracy laws are complex. We can help you decide how to handle a conspiracy charge by going over all the evidence and letting you know what strategies are appropriate.


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