Drug Crimes

26 Dec

New law may have little effect on marijuana drug crime arrests

Lately, getting both houses of Congress and the president to agree on anything seems like...

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North Carolina Laura’s Law increases DWI penalties

There is a law in North Carolina known as “Laura’s Law” that increased the possible...

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19 Dec

Changing a felony to a misdemeanor in North Carolina

If you are accused of a felony in North Carolina, the impact on your personal...

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18 Dec

Legal definitions of sexual assault in North Carolina

Avoiding charges of sexual assault or rape in North Carolina becomes much easier when one...

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12 Dec

What is child pornography as defined by federal law?

A conviction on the charge of distributing child pornography can affect more than just a...

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11 Dec

North Carolina drug treatment courts bring results

Lawmakers in North Carolina saw the writing on the wall and decided that something needed...

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