Drunk Driving

27 Jan

Questions about North Carolina blood alcohol concentration tests

For those who have never been charged with a DWI in North Carolina, there may...

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16 Jan

Alleged drunk driver crashes, woman killed in wreck

A retired schoolteacher is dead and the other driver who caused the wreck is now...

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13 Jan

How is DNA used in a sex crimes case?

In many sex crime cases, there is no DNA evidence found that can be used...

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What are the laws on gun ownership in North Carolina?

In North Carolina and all other states, federal law prohibits some people from possessing, transporting,...

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9 Jan

What are North Carolina’s penalties for drug trafficking?

North Carolina vigorously pursues and prosecutes those suspected of trafficking illegal drugs within and across...

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8 Jan

DNA from discarded cigarette upheld as evidence in North Carolina

Most people are aware that the Fourth Amendment protects them from unreasonable search and seizures....

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