Drunk Driving

26 Feb

Vehicle seizure in North Carolina for a DWI

For most people, a vehicle is one of their most important possessions. From work to...

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23 Feb

Part II: Firearms Rights Restoration – Are You Eligible to Have Your Rights Restored in North Carolina?

Here is what you need to know. In general, you are only eligible to file...

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20 Feb

What are the laws on online solicitation in North Carolina?

The Internet has brought an entire new world to the masses. Many parents, though, are...

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18 Feb

Part I: Firearms Rights Restoration – A Brief History of Firearms Rights in North Carolina

The Second Amendment: Right to Keep and Bear Arms Of course, in any post concerning...

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13 Feb

Good Samaritan laws and drug overdose immunity in North Carolina

Since 1990, drug overdoses in this country have tripled. The increasing abuse of prescription opioids...

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6 Feb

What are the penalties for a federal crime like Medicare fraud?

When someone is charged with Medicare fraud, it is a federal crime. This means that...

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