How Do You Choose a Lawyer? The ‘Lead Counsel’ Rating Is One Way [Infograph]

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“The Lead Counsel Rating offers consumers and businesses an objective and comprehensive evaluation tool to use when selecting legal representation.”


This Attorney is Lead Counsel Rated. Click here for more Information.

Patrick Roberts has been Lead Counsel Rated since 2015, which means Mr. Roberts‘s experience has been verified, he has been recommended by his peers, and he has a spotless record.

There is one caveat to this, though.

Any attorney worth his or her salt knows that being a great attorney – going to bat for your clients each and every day – is what matters most, not the awards or ratings. Being a great attorney comes first. Awards and recognition come second.

That said, take a look at the infograph below on the Lead Counsel Rating. And if you or a loved one ever face criminal charges, call Patrick Roberts at 877-204-5365.