Sex Crimes

29 Jun

Sex offenders who pose a danger to minors have a new ban

Being classified as a sex offender means having to comply with special laws and regulations....

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28 Jun

Take Our Poll: Did Brock Turner Get Off Easy?

You can distill the essential contours of the Brock Turner case as follows: Boy and...

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24 Jun

Federal jury finds gangleader guilty of kidnapping

In April 2014, a man convicted of an attempted murder in 2012 orchestrated a kidnapping....

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17 Jun

38-year-old man arrested for sex offense with 12-year-old girl

An arrest warrant for a 38-year-old man from Raleigh accuses him of two counts of...

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9 Jun

$900,000 bond for man accused of child sex crime charges

A man from Raleigh is being held on 900,000 bail on charges of child sex...

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8 Jun

Roberts Law Group in a Race for the Cure

“We rely on our sponsors and team captains and those who join teams to make...

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