Federal Crimes

24 Mar

How does the government spend its crime enforcement money?

If you were to ask the average person how the federal government is spending its...

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21 Mar

The Second Amendment in the 21st Century: The Twin Developments of Constitutional Carry and Bans on Assault Weapons

It’s not hard to see a future where many states allow so-called “constitutional carry” –...

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17 Mar

How does a DUI plea bargain work?

Every drunk driving case in North Carolina is different. Depending on the case, a defense...

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10 Mar

Police Say They Have Found 16 Pounds of Marijuana in Hotel Room

Police conducted a search in two Budget Inn rooms earlier this week. The search resulted...

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3 Mar

Follow the Money: Trump’s ‘For-Profit Justice’

Can an article from 2015 be just as relevant today as it was two years...

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North Carolina teacher accused of heroin possession

A teacher employed in Franklin County was arrested along with her husband after police claim...

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