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North Carolina teacher accused of heroin possession

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Drug Crimes |

A teacher employed in Franklin County was arrested along with her husband after police claim they found heroin in her vehicle. Police made the arrest of the 29-year-old woman and her 32-year-old husband on a recent Thursday evening in Franklinton. At the time of the arrest, their vehicle also contained their young children.

Authorities were tipped off about the couple and the possibility of drugs in their car after Vance County detectives notified police that the vehicle had been traveling through a neighborhood where drug deals were taking place. After receiving the tip, officers pulled the teacher over for a speeding violation after she entered Franklinton at approximately 11:30 p.m.

After being pulled over, officers say that the woman admitted to carrying heroin in her vehicle. Officers say that they also found a syringe in the woman’s bra, in addition to a heroin bag that remained unopened. The husband tried to tell officers that the drugs belonged to him. However, police suspect both parents may be users of the drug. Both parents will face charges of felony drug possession, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession and abuse of children.

The teacher and her husband have since gained their release after posting $25,000 bond each. The children have been given to the custody of a family member. Franklin County School officials have indefinitely suspended the woman from employment at her elementary school.

When two North Carolina defendants are parents facing drug crimes allegations, they could face losing their children if a conviction occurs. In such a case, a parent’s criminal defense against drug crimes must focus on not only defending against the criminal allegations but also doing everything possible to retain the custody of their children.

Source: wncn.com, “Franklin Co. teacher and husband arrested after heroin found in car, police say,” Feb. 24, 2017


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