Drug Crimes

28 Apr

Man accused of smuggling 1.7 pounds of fentanyl in his stomach

Narcotics investigators from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man and accused him of...

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21 Apr

How are state and federal courts different?

The United States has two kinds of courts, and depending on your allegedly criminal actions,...

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20 Apr

Win a $2,500 scholarship and make studying for the bar exam look easy

Two smart law students from North Carolina were the first to win our $2,500 bar...

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14 Apr

Drunk driver claims the life of university freshmen

An 18-year-old woman died in a tragic drunk driving crash last week. The accident happened...

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7 Apr

How does smoking marijuana affect my driving?

Some marijuana smokers claim that they can drive safely while intoxicated by the drug. Others...

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