Drug Crimes

31 May

Did you get arrested for carrying your prescription medicine?

Many North Carolina residents rely on their prescription drugs just to make it through the...

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26 May

North Carolina driver accused of DUI following fatal crash

A tragic accident claimed the life of a 44-year-old woman on a recent Tuesday afternoon...

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25 May

Patrick Roberts one of only a handful of Raleigh-area ‘Distinguished Counsel’

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel recognizes the nation’s top one percent of lawyers, based...

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19 May

Northampton County officers seize 78 bricks of heroin

The Northampton Sheriff’s Office conducted a massive heroin bust last week. Following a 10-month investigation,...

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17 May

North Carolina goes bipartisan in pushing to raise the age of adult prosecution

Removing the ‘Millstone Around the Youth of Our State’ millstone.jpg It’s rare to see bipartisanship...

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12 May

North Carolina man sentenced to a max of 70 years in prison

Being accused of drug crime is clearly not the same as being convicted of a...

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